Bronze and Silver Dishes are here!

Greetings, Foodies and Buddies! We’re here today to announce some exciting new developments from Foody Buddy in order to give you our fantastic home chefs the recognition they deserve. First off, here is the official list of Bronze and Silver dishes on FoodyBuddy as of today!

FoodyBuddy Bronze and Silver Dishes

Hearty congratulations to all the chefs who made the list! We eagerly await our first Gold dish!

Secondly, we are extremely excited to be bringing back the FoodyBuddy Hall of Fame on a weekly basis starting this week. In order to make the Hall of Fame this week, you need to ramp up those earning numbers. Here are the requirements:

FoodyBuddy Hall of Fame Contest.png

If you fancy yourself as a Hall of Fame level chef, get to cooking and we’ll feature all those who make the cut on our blog, website, Facebook, and Instagram!

There’s even a special surprise for the top earner of the week. All the best for this week, Buddies, and you’ll be hearing from us again very soon!

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