Introducing the Buddy Advisory Committee (BAC)

Hello Buddies!

We here at FoodyBuddy are extremely excited to announce the start of our Buddy Advisory Committee (BAC). That sounds fancy, so what exactly does it mean?

What is BAC?

Well, in order to ensure that all your requests and needs are being addressed, we want to establish a platform where you can communicate with us directly so that we can enhance your FoodyBuddy experience.

This will be a two-way communication platform where you can give us feedback and we can keep you updated on all upcoming information regarding FoodyBuddy as well as give you some awesome benefits!

What are the benefits of being a BAC member?

Becoming a member of BAC has some really cool benefits. Here are just a few of the amazing things you can be a part of with your BAC membership:

  1. Early access to new FoodyBuddy features
  2. Being the voice and representative for all other Buddies – drive the future direction of FoodyBuddy.
  3. Fun-filled monthly meet-ups!

What happens during these Monthly Meet-ups?

Once a month we will be hosting all BAC members for an interactive session with the FoodyBuddy team where we can address all your concerns.

Not just that, we will be having some special events such as:

  1. Cooking lessons with celebrity chefs
  2. Delicious food and beverages
  3. Games and activities

Sounds amazing, how can I join BAC?

It’s pretty simple. All active Buddies who have sold at least 500 meals will be added to the Committee and we will be in constant contact with these chefs.

What’s next?

We will be in touch with all eligible members to join BAC and arrange the first-ever BAC meeting. So keep an eye out for our official announcements via Blog, E-Mail, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp!

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