Chef of the Week, 25th Feb 2018 – Ratna Bindra

FoodyBuddy is extremely excited to announce our Chef of the Week series where we interview and feature the most prominent Buddies on a weekly basis. For the first-ever Chef of the Week feature, there could be none more deserving than Mrs Ratna Bindra.

Ratna has been a dedicated Buddy for almost one full year and in this time she holds the record for most number of meals sold with over 4000! That’s right, this amazing home chef has filled hungry bellies over 4000 times in less than twelve months.

So, how did she get started on this incredible journey? She is quick to shower praise on her close friends Mrs Sheela Jalihal and Mr Deepak Jalihal who told her about FoodyBuddy. They have been a constant source of support for Ratna and she is quick to say, β€œAll credits go to the lovely couple!”

So, what has kept her going all the way to 4000 meals? Well, she credits her buyers as her biggest inspiration: “My inspiration are my buyers and they have encouraged me to bring new varieties of dishes. It feels like my family is very big now. In fact, many times I learn from my buyers about new dishes and I am happy that I am able to do justice to it.”

With such a huge number of meals sold, surely our celebrated chef has a favourite one to prepare? “All my dishes are my favourite, nothing specific. But just to mention a few, it would be Sarson ka Saag, Makki ki Roti, Chole Batura, and can’t stop saying more,” she says.


Having been a part of the FoodyBuddy family for nearly a year now, Ratna has a lot of happy memories but her happiest one she says is when she completed 1000 meals which for her “was like a big achievement.” We completely agree, Ratnaji πŸ˜ƒ

One of the best things about being a Buddy according to Mrs Bindra is her interactions with the grateful Foodies who love munching on her delicious food. She even has a set of students who thank her for providing regular home cooked food because of which they don’t miss home.

Being a veteran of selling on FoodyBuddy, Ratna also has some very important advice for those Buddies who have just started their FoodyBuddy journey. She says, “I would ask them to prepare food for their buyers as they are doing for their own family.” And this is exactly what FoodyBuddy is all about.

Any buyers who are worried that Ratnaji plans to slow down after such a whirlwind year at FoodyBuddy can put their minds at ease. Their favourite home chef loves that the platform is providing her with a new identity apart from her day job as a lecturer.

As we wrap up this interview, we asked Ratna Bindra if there was any topic we missed. She was quick to reply saying, “Anup being one of the owners of FoodyBuddy is always helpful and encouraging. Where I felt at the time I will not be able to continue on the app keeping my college lectures in mind, he has always been by my side and given me ideas and guidance on how to go about managing both.”

It was wonderful talking to Ratnaji and we wish her all the very best for her future – both on the FoodyBuddy platform and off it πŸ˜ƒ

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