Dish of the Week, 27th Feb 2018 – Ghujiya by Dr Harshita Varshney


We here at FoodyBuddy are delighted to announce that we’re starting a Dish of the Week feature section where we highlight some of the best dishes being sold by our immensely talented home chefs.

This week – in the Holi spirit – we are featuring Ghujiyas by Dr Harshita Varshney. Her delicious sweets have been the top-selling dish on FoodyBuddy two weeks in a row. With it being the traditional Holi sweet, we asked the home chef herself to give us the lowdown on her expertly prepared dish.

Here are some words and the full recipe by Dr Harshita:

Dr Harshita

Gujhiyas, the name itself brings back such an exciting childhood nostalgia, which is beyond words. In the month of March, a few days before Holi, my mom would work for hours to make Gujhiyas, and we kids would just gobble them in minutes.

Being busy with my studies and then my job, I hardly made any Gujhiyas till my first child was born. After that, I started making a few Gujhiyas every Holi to expose my son to Indian culture, festivities, and traditional food.

Thanks to FoodyBuddy, I have come a long way – from a few Gujhiyas once in a year to more than a hundred in a week. I am so happy making Gujhiyas not just for my kids but also for my friends and neighbours. Making Gujhiyas on such a large scale makes me relive my childhood days.

Now, the recipe (it is my Mom’s, to be honest):

First, prepare filling, using khoya (milk thickened over low-flame, for a few hours in an iron vessel), boora (traditional powdered sugar), Buchanania lanzan seeds, dried fruits and roasted flour.

Then, take all-purpose flour, knead it with clarified butter and water. Make small, thin-crust pooris and fill them with the filling. Then seal the edges carefully.

Next is the most amazing step of “Gujhiya Sulana”. We literally make Gujhiyas sleep on a clean Gujhiya-mattress, and cover them up with a soft quilt, and take care of them as if a baby is sleeping.

My Mom would shout at us if we touched her sleeping Gujhiyas. It’s so overwhelming to see how time flies – from getting scolded by Mom to now scolding my kids not to touch and disturb my sleeping Gujhiyas.

After a super-patient wait of a couple of hours of Gujhiya-sleeping, fry them in ghee and serve them preferably hot. Utmost care required in frying because if the temperature or filling is not appropriate, Gujhiyas could break – such a delicate delicacy.

I enjoy the sight and smell of the melted khoya oozing out of a freshly cut Gujhiya, before finally eating this blissful Holi dessert. Hope you all also enjoy the same. 

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi.”

Thank you so much for your efforts to educate us on Ghujiyas as well as your mother’s delicious recipe, Dr Harshita!

That’s it for this edition of Dish of the Week, Buddies! We wish you all a happy and fun-filled Holi and we do hope you will try to create your own batch of Ghujiyas!


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