Chef of the Week, 04th Mar 2018: Shreya Sushil

This week we congratulate Shreya Sushil – the winner of our weekly Hall of Fame contest where she achieved the distinction of being a FoodyBuddy Master Chef. She was extremely excited about her great performance saying, “Feels really great. For me, appreciation and positive feedback from my buyers is what motivates me and makes me feel like a winner week on week.”

Sudha (Chef Shreya Sushil) is the fastest-growing seller on the entire FoodyBuddy platform having sold over 2000 meals in just over four months. When asked about her meteoric rise to fame, she cites her principles as the driving force behind her success: “Most of all my principle has been to do my work ethically, that means no compromise on ingredient quality, food safety principles and packaging.”


So, how did this illustrious Chef get started on FoodyBuddy? Well, she found it on her apartment’s notice board and it was with the motivation of her husband that she was able to make it into an everyday affair for the Sushil family. Mr Sushil helped her a lot with “the initial planning of work and efficient execution of orders.” A true power couple at work 🙂

She also perfectly captures what makes FoodyBuddy special and what makes her return to the app day in and day out to sell her delicious home cooked food: “The fact that it keeps me engaged in a positive activity i.e. feeding people with wholesome food prepared with love and care.”

Her short journey with FoodyBuddy has been filled with many many happy memories especially “Instances wherein I was able to go out of my way and give food to people who had no other choice either cause it was too late or because they were sick and wanted food made in a particular way only. “

In particular, her happiest interaction with a buyer was when “the aged parents of one of my buyers asked me to prepare few dishes especially for them as they were travelling back to their hometown in Pune and wanted to carry it with them.”

Looking forward, Sudha (Chef Shreya Sushil) has her eyes firmly set on the 5000 meals sold milestone. With your hard work and dedication, we are sure you will get there very soon Sudha (Chef Shreya Sushil) 🙂

All the very best with your life both on and off FoodyBuddy going forward!

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