Dish of the Week, 6th Mar 2018 – Vanilla Mango Pannacotta by Chef Kajal Bhuta


This week’s dish of the week is something truly spectacular. Coming to us from Chef Kajal Bhuta, we have the Vanilla Mango Pannacotta Nestled in a Chocolate Egg and Sugar Woven Nest. It is by far one of the coolest dishes ever seen on FoodyBuddy and was the most-liked picture for the entire month of Feb 2018.

Kajal Bhuta 3

In case you’re wondering what the dish is exactly, Chef Kajal describes it as,”A vanilla mango pannacotta nestled in a chocolate egg giving it the effect of egg white and egg yolk (vanilla and mango). I have also used spun sugar to make the dish look aesthetic in its looks and appeal.”

It was her first time creating this dish and she cites the Master Chef contest for desserts as the inspiration for the dish saying, “There was a Master Chef contest for desserts and I wanted to make something different, which not only tasted great but also looked fabulous. In a hot summer season, what better than a cool pannacotta with the flavour of mango which is loved by all.”

Now you must be wondering what all goes into this complex dessert and Mrs Bhuta shared all the details: “Pannacotta is basically an Italian cold pudding with cream, gelatin, eggs and flavouring (I have used natural vanilla beans and seasonal mango reduction for my flavours). A good pannacotta is always very jiggly, light (although we use heavy cream, it must feel light while you eat it) and it must strike the right balance of sweetness with the fruity flavour (be it a blueberry compote or a mango as I used).

With such a wide array of ingredients, cooking it was surely a challenge and it’s more than impressive just how our master home chef navigated the creation of the dish: “The major challenge to create this dish was the tempering of the chocolate to the right temperature and creating the right shape and size of egg using a balloon. As a home chef, we have less access to the correct equipment/mould and hence sometimes, it is challenging to execute something that has been thought of. Another challenge that I faced was the use of the technique to create the spun sugar, as this was my first time, and being a self-taught baker, I am dependent on reading and watching chefs at work, to learn these techniques. Nevertheless, with few trials and errors, I quickly learnt it and was very happy with the results.”

A self-taught baker making restaurant-quality dishes. Surely, there are even more exciting dishes coming up soon? Chef Kajal is happy to say yes, there very much are: “I have a special dish lined for the future. I plan a chocolate cage with a strawberry mousse in the near future and have thought of how I want it to be. I am yet planning on the perfect way of executing it.”

It is very well deserved that this amazing dessert was our Dish of the Week and we look forward to more awesome dishes from Chef Kajal Bhuta!

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