Dish of the Week, 13th March 2018 – Thandai by Chef Ansshu Gupta

Hello Foodies and Buddies!

This week’s Dish of the Week comes to us courtesy of Chef Ansshu Gupta who wowed us with her special Thandai! With Holi having just passed us by, Foodies at Espana were thrilled with the opportunity to order the traditional festival beverage from Chef Ansshu.

This delicious Thandai becomes the first beverage to be featured as a Dish of the Week and it is fully deserving of the honour, having been the top-selling dish of this past week.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the refreshing beverage, Thandai is a cold Indian drink prepared with a mixture of almonds, fennel seeds, magaztariĀ seeds, rose petals, pepper, cardamom, saffron, milk, and sugar.

It is a speciality of Ansshu Gupta whose buyers are always giving her rave reviews for her delicious dishes. One of her regular buyers had this to say: “Normally people steal hearts, but you have stolen people’s stomachs…keep up the heartfelt cooking!”.


In fact, so popular is Chef Ansshu that Foodies who buy from her don’t ever want her going away on vacation with one buyer even going so far as to jokingly suggest that Mrs Gupta must apply for leave on FoodyBuddy before travelling on vacation.

Our heartiest congratulations to Chef Ansshu on her superb Thandai and we’ll be holding our breath for more awesome dishes!

Picture Credit: Chef Ansshu Gupta.

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