Chef of the Week, 18th March 2018 – Vasuki Thilakar

Greetings, Foodies and Buddies! We are back with another Chef of the Week feature, and this week, we are honoured to feature one of the most well-loved chefs in the history of FoodyBuddy, Vasuki Thilakar.

With over 2000 meals sold on the FoodyBuddy platform, Chef Vasuki is one of the most prolific home cooks we have the pleasure of hosting but what makes her story truly unique is that she is 67 years old!


When asked about her experience with FoodyBuddy, she gave us a heartwarming response saying, “Idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Not many housewives get the opportunity to be busy at the age of 67. Foodybuddy keeps me busy –  both mentally and physically. Apart from this, through FoodyBuddy, I have got so much recognition and appreciation that I have not got in past 65 years. What more does one need to keep going?!”

So, how exactly did Chef Vasuki get started on our platform? She credits her passion for feeding people as her inspiration:

“Cooking and feeding people has always been my passion. Until the age of 65, it was limited to family and friends. The idea of catering was planted in my heart by Devi (one of my regular foodies now) when she casually mentioned that her son loves my cooking and if I start catering, lots of people in Hillview will be more than happy to buy from me. Mr Eswar encouraged me to try out the idea even before FoodyBuddy was introduced in Hillview. So when Akhil approached me regarding FoodyBuddy last year, I was more than happy to join the bandwagon.”


Chef Vasuki is a specialist in Tamil Nadu dishes with Idly, Vada and Masala Dosa being some of the most popular dishes in the history of FoodyBuddy! But, don’t be fooled. She loves trying out new dishes and you can always expect something fresh and different from her!

If you need further proof of how beloved Chef Vasuki is in Sobha Hillview, she recounts two experiences where buyers warmed her heart:

“At one point in time, it looked like I had to move out of Sobha Hillview. When people came to know about that, lots of people said, “Aunty, what will we do if you move out? We will miss your food.” That became one of the reasons for me staying back in Hillview.”

“At the start of summer vacation, ladies start enquiring if I am available in Hillview so that they can peacefully enjoy their vacation without worrying about husband’s food requirement.”

She plans to use this popularity to try and bring about more awareness towards health as she said to us, “I Want to create awareness about millets and their health benefits. I Want to experiment and introduce millet based healthy food at Hillview.”

As a veteran of FoodyBuddy, Chef Vasuki also provided some sage advice to those just starting off on the platform saying, “The secret ingredient that makes the food tasty is the love and affection with which one cooks it. So no matter for whom you are cooking, cook with passion, love and affection.”

It’s quite clear why she commands so much respect in our community, but she is always down to earth and gave us some information about our CEO, Akil Sethuraman, which brought a smile to his face, “Akil’s support has been immense. He is always available for any kind of support and feedback. Without his support, this journey would have been impossible.”

Thank you so much for being a part of FoodyBuddy, Chef Vasuki, and we wish you all the very best in all of your endeavours – both on and off the FoodyBuddy platform!

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