Dish of the Week, 20th March 2018 – Dahi Kebab by Chef Jyotika

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We come to you this week with a very special Dish of the Week – Chef Jyotika’s delicious Dahi Kebab!

It is a very special item for Chef Jyotika and all of her foodies from Brigade Metropolis as it is her most-selling dish on the FoodyBuddy platform and always sells out when it’s up for sale.


For those of you who don’t know, Dahi Kebab is “made of hung curd mixed with chopped veggies filling inside a bread which is deep fried until it is light brown in colour.” Sounds appetising, doesn’t it? Her children certainly think so, as it is their favourite dish as well 🙂

So, what was Chef Jyotika’s inspiration to make Dahi Kebab? “My husband’s team in the office used to appreciate this dish which they tasted in a restaurant. I have been introduced to this dish by my husband once and then I made it at home,” she says.

For those of you curious about the recipe for Dahi Kebab, here it is in Chef Jyotika’s own words:

“Hung curd, paneer, fresh finely chopped capsicums, carrots and onions marinated in salt and pepper. Fill it inside a bread soaked in water and give them a shape of a roll. Then deep fry it until it is light brown in colour. Serve it hot with green container chutney.”

As simple as it is tasty! Be careful while making this, though, as the filling is very soft and difficult to hold in the covering.

If you want your food to taste as good as Chef Joytika’s Dahi Kebab, then she has a very simple rule for you to follow: “Food taste is lot dependent upon how passionately you make your dishes with love.”

Finally, when asked about what other amazing dishes we can look forward to from Chef Jyotika, she said, “Bedmi crunchy kachoris, Varieties of pasta, Stuffed besan chilla.”

That’s it from us for this week’s Dish of the Week, and if you would like your dish to be featured, please do write in to us at

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