Chef of the Week, 25th March 2018 – Tapas Kunwar

A new week brings to us a new Chef of the Week and this time, we have our first male chef: Tapas Kunwar – one of the most prolific chefs on the entire FoodyBuddy platform.

Chef Tapas was happy to share with us, the origins of his love for cooking and selling on FoodyBuddy: “I’ve been cooking for close to 7 years. It started with my family and friends over weekends. They just loved it,  and I started cooking 4-5 dishes for get-together parties with my friends. They all encouraged me to start selling my food. One day, my wife saw this advertisement of FoodyBuddy and I knew this is it. My wife, Padmalaya, she has been a great support to me from the very beginning.”

Chef Tapas has delivered over 2000 meals to hungry Foodies and he very much thinks of his customers as his inspiration to keep selling: “When I started in my community, I knew only 10 people, down the line… over a year now and people know me. Their feedback and suggestions are my benchmarks. When not available on FoodyBuddy, they call me and ask why I am not cooking? From their love, I fell in love with cooking and it certainly inspired me to become a chef. ”

And, the love certainly goes both ways. Here are some testimonials that Chef Tapas has received from grateful Foodies over the past year:

  1. “I liked Biryani a lot, I never expected homemade Biryani looks and taste so yummy.”
  2. “Restaurant-like Biryani. Loved it.”
  3. “Pulav was very tasty. Very well packed.”
  4. “Paneer Tikka was too good. In fact, even better than the best restaurant.”
  5. “Chicken Curry was awesome. I feel like having food at home.

Chef Tapas has some pretty amazing dishes in his repertoire which have helped him gain such a massive fan-following in his community. His Matar Paneer, Aloo Gobi, Veg Pulao, Paneer Tikka Masala, and Fried Rice are all top-sellers on the FoodyBuddy platform while he has a pretty long list of speciality dishes as well: Chicken Biryani, Chicken Starters, Veg Gravies, Momos, Fried Rice, and many many more!

He has high hopes for the future as he wants to one day open his own restaurant! We wish you all the best in achieving your dreams, Chef Tapas 🙂

And finally, when we asked the chef if there was anything that we missed, he was quick to heap praise on FoodyBuddy’s CEO – Akil Sethuraman – as well as his beloved Foodies.

He said, “Akil, many many thanks for this opportunity. “Chef” means a lot to me and is only possible because of Akil. His support and guidance have helped me grow. A special thanks with all due respect to all my Foodies for their love and support which helped me achieve 2000 meals and still counting.”

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication, Chef Tapas 🙂

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