Dish of the Week, 27th March 2018 – 16 Layered Paratha by Chef Salila Dhir

We have a truly special dish on this edition of FoodyBuddy’s Dish of the Week: Chef Salila Dhir’s 16 Layered Paratha! That’s right, this is a paratha with sixteen layers!

The 16 Layered Paratha is actually most famous in Delhi’s Paratha Wali Galli – a row of shops renowned for their legendary parathas. It’s origins in Chef Salila’s house, though, is more grounded in her love for her children.

When her kids were refusing to eat their usual meals of daal and sabzi, she started making the 16 Layered Paratha. The Parathas are filled with daal but are so tasty that her children eat it completely without any complaints.

From the kind of reviews she has received on FoodyBuddy, we are sure that her kids gobbled up those parathas every single time. In fact, all of her reviewers say that the paratha is so tasty, it can be eaten by itself without any side dish or pickle or curd!

Here are some popular reviews Chef Salila has received for her famous 16 Layered Parathas:

“Totally a healthy meal by itself. My girls loved it. Thanks!”

“Parathas were just yummy! Enjoyed every bit of it.”

“Fabulous Layered Parathas. Just love them.”

With every great dish, though, comes its own set of challenges. Chef Salila said that the biggest challenges with the 16 Layered Parathas is that it is an extremely time-consuming dish which requires a lot of hard work. This is made even more evident by the fact that the dish requires a lot of slow cooking.

Chef Salila has Punjabi roots but was actually born in Madhya Pradesh! We can clearly see that her heritage has influenced her cooking with these delicious 16 Layered Parathas and we hope to see more and more amazing dishes from her in the future 🙂

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