Dish of the Week, 3rd April 2018 – Vapa Doi by Chef Durba

We have a very special dish lined up as our Dish of the Week this time around: The delicious Vapa Doi which has been made famous on FoodyBuddy by Chef Durba.

In case you aren’t familiar with the dish, Chef Durba explains exactly what it is: “Vapa Doi is an age-old Bengali dish that mainly consists of delicious yoghurt with an authentic taste. Vapa Doi in English literally translates to steamed yoghurt. It has consistency and has no artificial ingredients and is completely natural.”

It is a favourite dish of Chef Durba herself who loves to enjoy it as a midnight snack and she has some fond memories of Vapa Doi from her childhood. “As a typical Bengali foodie who has a sweet tooth, I have developed a deep connection with this dish ever since I was a child. its completely healthy and has an unprecedented cooling effect. it’s the perfect solution for fighting the hot humid summer days.”

“It’s a very old Bengali dish that was present before the very onset of preserved yoghurt and condensed milk. West Bengal is famous for its sweet delicacies, one of them being the Vapa Doi. It’s considered to be auspicious and prepared for festive occasions and celebrations like Diwali and Durga Pujo,” Chef Durba says giving us a history lesson on Vapa Doi.

One of the advantages of the dish is also that it is simple to make without any complications, although, our dear Chef Durba declined to provide a recipe saying it is a secret. We completely understand, of course 🙂

This isn’t her only great dish, though, as Chef Durba wants to make her patented Durba Fried Chicken and Baked Rosugulla equally famous. We’re sure you will succeed, Chef!

And in closing, Chef Durba said, “During Navratri people had a huge demand for this dish as they had to break their fast, Vapa Doi was the absolute solution. It is also a great stress buster during exam season as a substitute for ice cream.”

Feature Picture Credits: YouTube

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