Introducing the Foody Premier League (FPL) 2018

This summer, FoodyBuddy is going to be doing something special for all our Foodies (Buyers) and Buddies (Sellers)! Introducing, the Foody Premier League (FPL)!

Starting 7th April 2018, we will have a special new game on the FoodyBuddy App for both buyers and sellers so be sure to log onto the app this Saturday for more details.

There are also amazing prizes up for grabs including 2 IPL Tickets and Amazon Vouchers worth Rs 5000! Here is how to play the game:

Foody Premier League 2018

Please Note: Update to the latest version of the FoodyBuddy App in order to participate 🙂

With that in mind, we wanted to get the party started with a preview of the teams participating in the Foody Premier League this year. Here are all the teams from FPL 2018:

Mumbai Indian Poha


Our Mumbai Team for FPL 2018 is called Mumbai Indian Poha and it’s not that difficult to see why. Poha is a favoured dish in not only Mumbai but the whole of Maharashtra!

Poha is a flattened rice dish prepared with a variety of spices and acts as a great dish for any meal during the day. MI will be looking to use this versatility to win FPL 2018!

Chennai Super Kuzhambu


The second team for this year’s FPL is the Chennai Super Kuzhambu!

We chose Kuzhambu as the dish for CSK because, after all, it is one of the most famous dishes to come out of Chennai and is adored by everyone who stays in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Kuzhambu is a gravy dish made with a variety of dals, vegetables, and more. It’s a delicious South Indian dish looking to win the FPL this year! Are you a CSK fan?

In the upcoming days, we will introduce the other six teams for FPL 2018 so do keep an eye out for that!

Kulchas XI Punjab


Our Punjabi team is being represented by one of the finest dishes to come out of the area – Kulchas. It is the staple bread of the region and is often consumed by itself – if stuffed – or with a variety of different gravies and sabjis.

KXIP will be looking to use their Punjabi valour to overcome all opposition and win FPL 2018! Can they count on your support?

Delhi Dahi Bhallas


The fourth team in FPL 2018 is from Delhi and will be represented by one of the signature dishes of India’s capital state, Dahi Bhalla. The dish is made of mixing bhallas in curd with a mixture of different chaat masalas and sauces to create a heady treat for the taste buds.

It embodies the chatpata nature of Delhi perfectly and DD be hot favourites to win FPL 2018 if they can count on your support.

Kolkata Knight Rasgullas


Team number 5 hails from the great state of West Bengal and its champion dish is arguably one of the most popular dishes across the entire country. Introducing, the Kolkata Knight Rasgullas.

Rasgulla is made from ball-shaped dumplings of chhena and semolina dough, cooked in a light sugar syrup. It is one of Kolkata’s greatest exports and KKR will be banking on your love for the team and the dessert to become FPL 2018 Champions!

Royal Chirotis Bangalore


Team six comes to us from the Garden City of India, Bangalore. Named Royal Chirotis Bangalore, the mascot dish for this team is one that has deep roots in Karnataka cuisine.

Chirotis are a delicacy usually reserved for joyous occasions such as weddings and festivals. Made out of kneaded maida dough which is fried in ghee, RCB will be hoping that FPL 2018 turns into a joyous occasion for them.

Salan Raitha Hyderabad


The penultimate team from FPL 2018 calls Hyderabad its home and it derives its name from the two things which perfectly complement Hyderabadi Biriyani – Salan and Raitha.

Mirch ka Salan is a spicy gravy made from chilis and peanuts while Raitha is curd mixed with some refreshing vegetables. They are the perfect partners for Hyderabad’s signature dish and SRH will be hoping that you will be the perfect partner to help them win FPL 2018.

Rajasthan Raj Kachori


And finally, we have the team from Rajasthan rounding out our roster for FPL 2018. Representing Rajasthan is a signature chaat dish of the state – Raj Kachori.

Raj Kachori is a massive kachori filled with spiced potatoes and peas along with your usual fare of chaat condiments like mint chutney and tamarind chutney. It is served with curd and sev completing the dish.

Will you be supporting Rajasthan for FPL 2018?

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