How Masala Dosas led Royal Chirotis Bangalore to victory

Foodie Premier League 2018 is well and truly underway and the opening weekend saw some truly spectacular results.

Royal Chirotis Bangalore (RCB) enjoyed the biggest win of the tournament so far as they destroyed Kolkata Knight Rasgullas (KKR) by a score of 1301 to 197. The dominant victory was courtesy of Masala Dosas – the highest scoring dish of the entire weekend with 70 runs. Other notable contributions included a splendid half-centuries by Aloo Rasedar and Paddu.

This was a great end to the inaugural FPL weekend which saw Chennai Super Kuzhambu come out victorious against Mumbia Indian Poha in the opening match. CSK fans did some cross-cultural promotion as Dabeli was the winning dish to help the Chennai team defeat MI. The final score was 679 to 303.

And finally, we have the other match of the weekend which saw Delhi Dahi Bhallas and Kulchas XI Punjab play out a low-scoring affair. The Dahi Bhallas scraped past the Punjabis 176 to 155.

It’s been a weekend of great action and we’ll keep you posted with all the results and updates from FPL 2018 right here on FoodyBuddy!

Before we say goodbye, you can check out the FPL table below:

FPL Standings 9th April

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