Chef of the Week, 15th April 2018 – Chef Kanchan Mittal

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s time for another Chef of the Week feature, and this time around, we have the amazing Chef Kanchan Mittal as our Chef of the Week. Chef Kanchan has been around on FoodyBuddy for a long time now and has completed nearly 2000 meals during her time on our platform.

It was actually a friend of hers who suggested she try FoodyBuddy as Chef Kanchan was looking for a work from home opportunity which allowed her to balance her personal life and selling her delicious homecooked meals on FoodyBuddy was the perfect win-win situation.

Despite having sold nearly 2000 meals on the platform, Chef Kanchan has a multitude of reasons to keep on selling on FoodyBuddy. “I love cooking something new for my customers. And, at the same time, this helps me develop my own personal skills and have an independent income. To be recognised in other people’s eyes is also a huge factor that keeps me selling,” she enthuses.

Chef Kanchan’s specialities are pure veg Jain food and her top-selling dishes include Kadhai Paneer, Chole Bature, Dal Makhani, and Rasmalai – a dish which her Foodies always await eagerly!

And speaking of Chef Kanchan’s Foodies, they have some glowing words about their favourite Buddy:

“We have not eaten such good Dal Makhani even at star hotels”

“The Vada Pav was so good that it reminded me of my childhood!”

In fact, she has received such amazing reviews that her husband keeps suggesting that she open up her very own restaurant!

And, in closing, we asked Chef Kanchan what advice she has for new Buddies on the platform. She replied, “Whatever you cook, make it from with love! The flavour should touch one’s soul. Because food is very important to peoples mind and heart!”

What a lovely message to finish this great interview. Everybody here at FoodyBuddy would like to wish you all the very best in your future, Chef Kanchan đŸ™‚

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