Make Your Food Look Beautiful for This Week’s Hall of Fame!

Hello, everyone!

We’re back with another new Hall of Fame Challenge and this week it’s all about making your food look great and getting likes on pictures of your food! Check out the official rules of the challenge below:

FoodyBuddy Hall of Fame Contest 16th April

We also have a list of last week’s Hall of Famers here.

Hall of Fame Winners 16th April

It’s not easy to be a Master Chef every week. Well done to everyone who made it into the Hall of Fame and we’re sure we’ll see some Master Chefs next week 🙂

And before we go, we have our updated list of Bronze and Silver Dishes!

Bronze Dishes: 

Lassi by our very own Chef Anup from FoodyBuddy!

Paneer Paratha by Chef Aruti Kumari

Chicken Fry Debab by Chef Durba

Talipith by Chef Pushpa Urs

Dosas and Button Idlies by Chef Shreya Sushil

Gobi Manchurian by Chef Tapas

Silver Dishes:

Mixed Vegetable by Chef Ratna Bindra

Aloo Paratha by Chef Pushpa Urs

That’s it from us for this time! Keep an eye out for more exciting updates from FoodyBuddy!

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