Dish of the Week, 24th April 2018 – Eggless Strawberry Cheesecake by Chef Atandrila

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This week, we come to you with a sumptuous, lip-smacking dessert as our Dish of the Week. Presenting, the Eggless Strawberry Cheesecake by Chef Atandrila Bhattacharya.

If you are unfamiliar with the dish, Chef Atandrila describes it as, “A three-layered dessert with a biscuit base, cream cheese layer in the middle and customized topping. Although eggs can be used, this particular version is eggless.”

It is an extremely popular dish in her family and one of their favourite desserts. “The story of this strawberry cheesecake is all too familiar and popular in our family. Upon arrival at home for the holidays, my son––who has built up quite a sweet tooth over the years looks forward to having this immediately,” Chef Atandrila explains fondly.

While Chef Atandrila personally prefers a plain New York Cheese Cake or a Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, she says that Strawberry has its own charm amongst people of all ages and all of her clients in Springfield Apartments!

She also proves to be a bit of a food history buff, giving us the origins of this famous dessert:

“Cheesecake is believed to have originated in ancient Greece. Historians believe that the cheesecake was served to the athletes during the first Olympic Games in the year 770 BC. The recipe was kept secret for a long time, hence making this mystical dessert is so fascinating.”

When quizzed on the making of the cake, Chef Atandrila provided a list of essential ingredients including Cream Cheese, Cream, Butter, Biscuits, Sugar, and Strawberries – either with or without a setting agent.

She also laid out the three key points in creating this dish saying, “Concentration, Precision and Timing. A perfect cheesecake requires practice…perfection only comes with time.”

Chef Atandrila also provided some information on which other dish she is determined to make famous on FoodyBuddy, “Foody Buddy is a great platform which brings the home chefs and food lovers together. One dish which comes to my mind is the “Chelo Kebab”. This is an Indo-Persian dish which is extremely popular in Eastern India and for many years was served in just one restaurant in Park Street in Kolkata.”

In closing, she had some wise words, ” Although I enjoy cooking food of various types like Fusion, European, Indian, Chinese, and Oriental, I especially enjoy making exotic desserts, and especially which are not easily available in town.”

“One thing I learnt and strongly believe is to always make healthy and hygienic food.  I never compromise on the quality of the ingredients. I have learnt that the recipe has no soul, the chef gives it life.”

Inspiring words from an amazing chef 🙂

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