Chef of the Week, 4th May 2018 – Dr Harshita Varshney

This week’s Chef of the Week is someone truly special – Dr Harshita Varshney. She has been one of the top chefs on FoodyBuddy in recent months and has truly earned her place on this illustrious list.

She was also kind enough to give us a full write-up on her time as a chef on FoodyBuddy and just what it means to her. You can read the entire transcript below:

“My husband told me about FoodyBuddy (FB). I loved the concept and called Akil from FB to get it started at Mantri Espana. I had been on sabbatical for quite some time. I was looking for some work-from-home type of opportunities, which were more fun and less stress (unlike jobs in my field – Professor/ Scientist in Biochemistry). FB gave me this option.
Eventually, FB got launched in Mantri Espana on 3rd Feb. I have sold nearly 1000 meals (with a menu of around 100 dishes). The pleasure I get from cooking and feeding people can’t be expressed in words. My passion for cooking and love and appreciation shown by my clients (foodies as they are called in FB parlance) keeps me inspired.
My speciality is to cook everything in the healthiest possible way. I love to make sugar-free (or Stevia-sweetened) desserts, cream-less ice-creams, oil-free fried items, and high-protein meals. My all-time favourite is Iron-enriched Chhole. I like to use purest available ingredients (organic when possible), and prefer to make most of them at home (spices, pickles, ghee, butter, sauces, dips, ketchup, breads, etc) rather than buying them.
My motto is to make food that is not only tasty but also HEALTHY – wholesomelicious food. My super-healthy foods (e.g., overnight oats, chia seeds pudding, dates-n-nuts bar, healthified salad, low-cal thali) are my most popular dishes.
I have had many heart-touching interactions with my foodies. One foodie (Niti Jain) sent me her son Samyak’s feedback on Pav Bhaji – “There is a level. And then another level. And then another level. And then no level after that. Your Pav Bhaji is of that top level”.
Another foodie, Janani Ravi, messaged me – “I open your chai-masala box and smell it like perfume. I think my dog also got crazy with the divine smell and chewed the masala box up”.
Another foodie, Preeti Somani, went gaga about my iron-enriched Chhole, saying “I couldn’t believe all the praise for your healthy Chhole. I always thought how different could a simple, regular dish like Chhole be for such an admiration until I had them myself. They looked, smelt, and tasted like Chhole had gotten a royal makeover……the same Chhole but a very Nawabi unique taste”.
My tip for new sellers/buddies is that do the cooking with the same passion, love and positivity as you do for your own family. Your clients are your extended family.
I would like to thank all the foodies in Mantri Espana for their steady orders, and for all their trust and love. Because of their encouragement towards a novice chef like me, I could work hard enough to be a Master or a Pro-chef in all the weekly Hall of Fame contests FB conducts.
I would also like to thank Akil and the entire FB team for giving me such an amazing platform. FB has helped me nurture not only one hobby (cooking) but also many others. Another hobby of mine – painting – is getting nurtured in the form of artistic and creative presentation of my dishes.
Once cooking and presentation is done, my third hobby – photography – comes into play. I also send “Handwritten Little Notes” with most orders. People love them as much as they love my food. Some of my foodies have treasured them on their whiteboards and in their diaries.
Writing – my childhood passion is so well-woven with my other hobbies.  And to top that up, the little scientist within me is also alive, helping me in all the research about food science and physiology.
The best part is that I am able to do all this in the comfort of my home, and while I spend quality time with my kids and family.
I wish the entire FB team good luck. May they expand more and more.”
Thank you so much for such amazing words, Dr Harshita and from everyone here from FoodyBuddy, we would like to congratulate you on being one of the most awesome people to ever use the FoodyBuddy platform 🙂

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