Dish of the Week, 15th May 2018 – Aloo Paratha by Chef Ratna Bindra

This week’s Dish of the Week is a historic one – Chef Ratna Bindra’s Aloo Paratha which also happens to be the first-ever Gold Level Dish on FoodyBuddy!

Aloo Parathas have been a household favourite in India and it is fitting that such a popular dish becomes the first Gold dish on our platform. And, it is fitting that FoodyBuddy’s top-selling Buddy – Chef Ratna – earns this honour.

In Chef Ratna’s words, “Aloo Paratha is a North Indian delicacy which is originated from Punjab. It one of the most relished parathas across India, usually served along with curd.”

It also holds a special place in this special chef’s heart, “This paratha holds a special place in my cooking as it was the first stuffed paratha I ever learnt cooking. Thus being one of my most favourite dishes.”

Chef Ratna was also kind enough to provide her method of preparing her mouth-watering Aloo Parathas:

“To prepare this paratha I make a dough consisting of boiled mashed potatoes with a blend of finely chopped onions and coriander leaves. The prepared aloo mash is stuffed into the atta dough and cook the paratha on a medium flame either using ghee or oil according to one’s choice. This paratha is normally topped with homemade butter or pure ghee.”

There are a few challenges associated with the dish as described by Chef Ratna, ” The only challenge which is faced while preparing this dish is the initial preparation of its dough. An appropriate amount of spices is to be used in order to maintain it’s texture.”

“To prepare the dough I prefer to use homemade spices than the ones available in the market.”

And finally, we asked Chef Ratna what other dishes she was looking to bring to Gold Level on FoodyBuddy and she answered with a smile, “Foodybuddy is such a platform which encourages us to make many dishes popular like Achari Aloo Paratha, Dal Makhani, Chole Bhature and Punjabi Flavoured Lassi to name a few.”


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