Chef of the Week, 18th May 2018 – Chef Rachita

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s time for another Chef of the Week feature, and this time around, the honour goes to Chef Rachita, who recently crossed the 1000 Meals Sold milestone on FoodyBuddy! It’s been just a few months on FoodyBuddy, but her cooking journey actually started quite some time ago.

“Being a vegetarian and a foodie Marwari girl from North India, I always faced difficulty in finding home cooked food in South India, so I started learning cooking from online videos. Gradually I started cooking for my close friends also, they always motivated me to extend it further and keep getting us eat delicious food every day,” Chef Rachita recalls fondly.

She continued saying, “One day I came to know about FoodyBuddy though a friend in Bren Avalon apartment and instantly I gave a call to Akil who explained to me the whole idea behind the app. The concept itself was enough to fill me with enthusiasm to be a buddy for all my neighbourhood foodies.”

What makes her achievements even more impressive is the fact that Chef Rachita also has a full-time day job. “Feedback and appreciation from my buyers is what keeps me going. I try to bring innovation and a unique taste from the regular food. Being a professional IT employee I enjoy my weekends more in cooking and selling to my buyers than my regular weekday work.”

As a self-proclaimed food lover, there is no limit to the things Chef Rachita tries with her cooking. “Being a foody girl, I really love my Mom’s personalised recipes and try to replicate the same dish with same taste for me and my buyers.”

“Some of my favourites are Dhokla, Mexican-Indian Fusion Quesadilla, Stuffed Parathas with a special masala, Methi Puris with Rajsathani Aloo Sabji and many more. Being vegetarian I try cooking all kinds of cuisine with an Indian tadka.”

It’s also clear from her buyers’ reactions that they love the amazing cooking that Chef Rachita delivers so regularly. She described a couple of special interactions with Foodies saying, “One of my buyers personally met me and told me that her daughter has started eating panner because of the way I cook it and her daughter wants food every day from me. This filled me with joy!”

“Similarly, one day another buyer called me around 7 AM and asked “Are you not cooking today? We cannot see any dish posted on App!” I laughed and said, “No no, I just woke up on your call and will be posting soon.” He smiled and said, “Thank God! You are a saviour for our weekends!””

She might be a relatively new Buddy herself, but she does have some useful advice for other new sellers on FoodyBuddy. “I am myself a new buddy so I can’t call it a tip but I want all new Buddies to cook with same love n care as every buyer are our own family member – with the same standard of quality and hygiene as health comes first. Also, make buyers life easy by giving food in nice packing so that buyer can just enjoy the food without any efforts in getting plates and other stuff.”

And, in closing, Chef Rachita also had some lovely words about the FoodyBuddy platform itself.  She said, ” I am sincerely thankful to FoodyBuddy for giving me a platform which helped me in identifying that being a  foodie I am even a budding cook.  I truly believe because of FoodyBuddy, now onwards none of the bachelors will miss mom-cooked food being away from home and wives can easily rest on weekends and spend quality time with family.”

Thank you so much for the kind words, Chef Rachita, and all the best to you going forward from everyone here at FoodyBuddy 🙂


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