5 Healthy Foods with Anti-Aging Properties

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

This week’s #WellnessWednesday post from FoodyBuddy is all about the anti-aging process. We have curated a list of foods which will help you live a longer and healthier life.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of 5 Healthy Foods with Anti-Aging Properties:

#1) Nuts


Nuts are the unsung heroes of an ideal diet. Eating a variety of nuts regularly can have a heap of health benefits including prevention of cancer, chronic diseases, heart disease.

Include a handful peanuts, almonds, walnuts in your daily food intake and enjoy the awesome anti-aging properties that they bring to the table.

#2) Dark Chocolate

Isn’t it awesome? Chocolate can actually help you live longer! Well, Dark Chocolate to be more specific. But, remember to eat it in moderation as chocolates are very high on the calorie intake.

A controlled amount of chocolate which is high in cocoa concentration is the perfect way to slow down the effects of aging.

#3) Blueberries


Not only does your physical health deteriorate with age, so does your mental health. So, it becomes important to consume foods which will help with the anti-aging of the mind.

And, one of the best foods for this purpose is Blueberries. They have been shown to slow down the damage done to the brain with age and everyone should be eating Blueberries on the regular.

#4) Salmon


For the non-vegetarians reading this, Salmon is a must-have in order to help with anti-aging. The fish contains something called Astaxanthin which is a superb source of antioxidants.

And antioxidants are one of the key ways to delay the ill-effects which come with age!

#5) Avocado


Avocado has been receiving a lot of love in the modern food world as a Super Food and it’s easy to see why. The fruit has strong antioxidation properties and as we have established with Salmon, antioxidation is the best way to deal with aging.

Avocado also has the benefit of being consumed in a variety of different and unique recipes which is always a bonus.

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