Dish of the Week, 12th June 2018 – Akki Roti by Chef Rama Rao (With Recipe!)

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

This week’s Dish of the Week is a special one and one of my personal favourites: Akki Roti by Chef Rama Rao.

For those of you wondering what Akki Roti is, here is what Chef Rama had to say about it, in her own words. “Just as how we have rotis in the north this is roti of the south. Where we use wheat flour in normal rotis we use rice flour here,” she said.


Not only is it a personal favourite of Chef Rama, it also has a very special place in her heart as she explains, “This dish is mainly popular in Karnataka. It holds a special place in my heart as my mom was an expert in making this!”

Being from Karnataka myself, I know just how much importance Akki Roti holds for the people of this state, and Chef Rama was able to put those feelings into the perfect words saying, “I think in Karnataka it has as special a place as Idly Vada has in Tamil Nadu or Pesarattu has in Andhra or Appam has in Kerala!”

Chef Rama was also generous enough to provide us with a full list of ingredients as well as the recipe.


Rice Flour
Carrot (Grated)
Cucumber (Grated)
Sabakki Soppu (Cut very small)
Coconut and Chillies (Ground)
Onions (Finely Chopped)


Put all the ingredients in the dough, add salt and knead it with little hot water and keep aside. I usually take a ball of the dough and spread it evenly and thinly on the tava directly but otherwise, you can spread it on a plastic paper and then transfer it to the tava and roast it till it is light brown on both sides

It is an extremely simple recipe and the only challenges involved are the extra bit of effort required in the preparation as well as ensuring you have all the right ingredients.

When asked what other dishes Chef Rama wanted to make popular she quickly replied saying Peserattu from Andhra as well as Maharashtrian Poha! With your cooking skills, we are sure it is only a matter of time, ma’am 🙂

And finally, in closing, Chef Rama had some something inspiring to say. “I am indebted to FoodyBuddy for giving me a platform like this to showcase my talents! I am a writer and many of my short stories are published! Cooking is also a story as it has many memories and many people associated with it!”

What lovely words from a lovely woman. Thank you so much for being a part of the FoodyBuddy family, Chef Rama and all the best to you going forward 🙂

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