Dish of the Week, 19th June 2018 – Desi Ghee Laddoo by Chef Ranjana

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s Dish of the Week time and we have Chef Ranjana’s amazing Desi Ghee Laddoo as our featured dish this time around! Chef Ranjana’s sweet laddoos are made up of atta and have been capturing the hearts of the FoodyBuddy community.

Not only is it one of Chef Ranjana’s favourite dishes, it also holds a special significance to her family. Her grandson loves her homemade Laddoos and it is also healthy to go along with the lip-smacking taste.


Chef Ranjana has been making her famous Ghee Laddoos for years now – especially during travelling – and it is a favourite for a lot of people who have had the pleasure of tasting these laddoos.

Chef Ranjana also gave us some basic tips on how to make Desi Ghee Laddoos:

Roast atta in ghee on a low flame.
Add sugar powder and mix the atta into circular laddoo shapes.
Before serving heat it little to enhance the taste.

The only challenge associated with this dish, according to Chef Ranjana is that it takes quite a long time for the laddoos to attain an authentic taste.

Desi Ghee Laddoo isn’t the only special dish in Chef Ranjana’s arsenal as she is also well-versed in the making of Moong Dal Halwa which she is looking to make as famous as her laddoos have become.

In closing, Chef Ranjana mentioned how much she enjoys cooking for people and getting feedback from them. Thank you for being a valued member of the FoodyBuddy community, ma’am 🙂

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