5 Signs That You Make Delicious Homecooked Food

Mouth-watering aromas, beautifully-plated food, diners patiently waiting for their meals. No, I’m not talking about the scene in your favourite restaurant, I’m actually talking about what happens in countless homes all across the world.

Home chefs are the unsung heroes for people who enjoy delicious homecooked meals on a daily basis and this is an article celebrating these wonderful people. So, without any further ado, here are 5 Signs That You Make Delicious Homecooked Food:

#1) Kids eat food containing ingredients they don’t like


We bet your children are just as happy when eating your homecooked food!

Whether it’s your own kids or the neighbour’s young child, there are chances that you have dealt with a fussy young human who refuses to eat a certain ingredient. But, what makes a great home chef is that they are able to make amazing food out of those very same ingredients.

So, if you have ever prepared a dish with Bhindi and your Bhindi-hating kid actually enjoyed it, then congrats. You are an amazing home chef!

#2)  Your significant other prefers to eat at home rather than ordering food


You don’t need to order out for a great meal

Doesn’t it suck when you go through all the effort of preparing a loving homecooked meal only for your husband or wife to say, “Let’s just order in tonight!”?

Wait, you don’t know what that feels like? Well then, you are clearly an amazing home chef whose food is leagues better than what any restaurant could ever offer 🙂

#3) Your friends always ask you for recipes


Your friends can’t get enough of your cooking!

Picture the scene. You’re hosting a dinner party for your friends. Everyone is having a good time and then you serve up a delicious chocolate cake that you have prepared with so much care and effort. Instantly, everyone is praising your baking skills and they all want the recipe!

Now, that is the very definition of an awesome home chef!

#4) All the neighbourhood kids always come over for snacks


No fussy children in your home

It’s one of the most difficult things in the world to make kids love home cooked food. After all, children are notorious for being finicky with their culinary preferences.

So, you know that your cooking is something special when all the kids from your neighbourhood keep coming over to have some homemade Pakodas and Samosas in the evening after playing cricket or football!

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Are you a part of the FoodyBuddy family?

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There are hundreds of Buddies selling their lip-smacking food on a daily basis and there are thousands of Foodies eagerly ordering homecooked food from their beloved Buddies.

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