Chef of the Week, 13th July 2018 – Chef Sanyogita

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s time for another edition of Chef of the Week and this time, we have Chef Sanyogita from Ahad Euphoria, who rightfully takes her place in the spotlight having crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone.

We spoke in length to Chef Sanyogita about her journey on FoodyBuddy and this what she had to say about how she got started on our platform.

“I always had a passion for cooking. After shifting to Ahad Euphoria, I came to know about this unique concept of FoodyBuddy and immediately got related to it. I thought that this was something made for people like me. Immediately I got connected and there is no stopping since then,” she said.

Chef of the Week - Sanyogita

While proud of crossing the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone, the numbers aren’t all that important to Chef Sanyogita. “I never count on numbers. It’s the love I get from my foodies, the appreciation, the support from my family and desire to try cooking something new always which kept me going and hopefully there’s a lot more to come,” she explained. What a lovely attitude you have, ma’am.

This lovely attitude shone through once again when we asked Chef Sanyogita about her cooking specialities. She answered, “Whatever I cook, I try to make it special, whether it’s simple Daal Rice or Biryani! Besides that, yes, there are a few dishes which I like to cook, like Chole Puri, Paneer Paratha, Bhel Puri, Aloo Paratha, and thanks to my foodies that most of these dishes are Bronze Level now!”

We also quizzed Chef Sanyogita on what dishes her Foodies enjoyed the most and she replied, ” Chole Puri, Chole Tikki, Chole Chawal, Paneer Paratha, Bhel Puri, Fruit Custard…these are a few of dishes I get most of the foodies for.”

It’s clear that Chef Sanyogita loves her Foodies and it’s also very clear that they love her back. Take, for example, these stories that she shared with us.

“Many times when Foodies come to collect their food, they ask me, “How do you make so many dishes?” Actually, I just love the response I get after Foodies eat my food. Many time I get messages from Foodies, “Aunty, please make Bhel Puri or Chole Tikki!” And, sometimes they say, “Thank you for the amazing food, you made my day.” These amazing replies make my day too!”

Being such a beloved Buddy, Chef Sanyogita had these words for other sellers on the FoodyBuddy platform. She said, ” They all are amazing. Even I eat food from many Buddies! They require no tips from me. I just want to wish them all the best, and to keep cooking and exploring!”

In closing Chef, Sanyogita had some more wonderful words for everyone. She said, “Just want to thank the FoodyBuddy Team for creating such an amazing platform for chefs. It cannot be better than this. It has given me recognition, the love of Foodies and I am loving it. So, a big thank you to all :)”

Thank you so much, Chef Sanyogita, for your kind words, sunny attitude, and for being such a valued member of our community. Everyone at FoodyBuddy would like to wish you all the very best 🙂

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