Chef of the Week, 20th July 2018 – Chef Rita

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

This week’s Chef of the Week is the inimitable Chef Rita who has recently completed the 1000 Meals Milestone on FoodyBuddy and is one of the top chefs on the platform. She is from Suncity Apartments and enjoys a huge following of Foodies who love the food that she puts out every day!

We spoke with Chef Rita about her experience with FoodyBuddy and this is how she got started on our platform. “It all started with a WhatsApp message that my daughter-in-law received about FoodyBuddy, Out of sheer curiosity, we downloaded the app, uploaded the necessary details and waited to be a part of the FoodyBuddy group. As both of us share a knack for cooking and have received ample appreciation from guests who visited our house, we thought we could cater to our neighbour’s taste buds.”

“Rachna (Co-Founder of FoodyBuddy) was very sweet to call us in no time and fixed an appointment with us that very evening. She came and briefed us about the program and we started our journey.”

And what an awesome journey it has been to 1000 Meals Sold! Chef Rita said about reaching the milestone, “I have an intense love for cooking and trying out new dishes. Along with this passion, we receive a lot of positive feedback from our buyers and requests for special dishes and this is what keeps me inspired to continue cooking.”

Chef Rita is a specialist in Bengali Cuisine and she gave us a list of her favourite dishes to cook. “We provide a variety of Bengali traditional dishes like Thor Ghonto (Banana Stem Curry), Mochar Ghonto (Banana Floret Curry), Katla/Rui Kaliya, Doi Katla, Muri Ghonto (Fish Head curry), Green Banana Kofta Curry,” she listed.

She continued, “Also, our different types of stuffed parathas are in great demand. To add, even the Indo-Chinese preparation that we do are appreciated from all corners whereas my most ordered dish is Chili Chicken Lollipops.”

Chef Rita’s Foodies certainly hold a deep appreciation for her food and Chef Rita told us about a very touching interaction she had with a Foodie once. “A really touching incident I can share with you. A guy about my son’s age (around 40) is a regular buyer of my dishes. He once had ordered for Parwal Posto and enjoyed the dish so much that he came the next day to touch my feet. He said it reminded him of his mother’s cooking.”

She also added, “I have built lots of good relationships with my buyers who not only appreciate my cooking, also shows a lot of respect towards me.”

It is clear that your amazing cooking skills have touched the hearts and souls of your buyers, Chef Rita 🙂

Being such a veteran of FoodyBuddy, we also asked Chef Rita what her advice was for new Buddies. This is what she replied, “One tip which I follow always, I would want to share with new Buddies. Please do not compromise on the quality of food. You are in the food business and there is no margin for a compromised quality food.”

So, what does the future hold for Chef Rita? Well, she’s more of the “Live in the Present Moment” type of person! “To be very frank, I do not think too much about the future. I enjoy cooking and this passion has made me pretty popular in my complex and in Genesis,” she said with a smile.

And finally, in closing, Chef Rita went on to give a special shoutout to FoodyBuddy co-founder Rachna, who got her started on the platform. She said, “As I already mentioned, my strong passion for cooking and my families support has taken me to where I am today. I just hope to live up to my Buyers’ expectations. A big thank you to the entire FoodyBuddy team for creating a platform for home chefs like us to be able to showcase our culinary skills. I would specially thank Rachna, who in spite of her busy schedule is always eager to help.”

Thank you so much for being such a valued member of our community, Chef Rita 🙂

If you would like FoodyBuddy to be launched in your apartment community, please contact us by clicking here!

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