Dish of the Week, 24th July 2018 – Malpua by Chef Rinki Dey (With Recipe!)

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Time for another Dish of the Week feature and we have something very special for you this week. Chef Rinki Dey’s mouth-watering Malpua is in the spotlight and we even have a full recipe so that you can try this at home!


We asked Chef Rinki what Malpua was and she explained, “Malpua is primarily a Bengali dessert. It is an eggless sweet fried pancake. My recipe makes soft and fluffy pancakes with crisp outer edges. It is mainly flour and coconut based and these are mixed with milk to produce a thick batter. Finally, they are fried in deep oil and served. Malpua is enjoyed with Rabri or diluted Khoya.”

“It is also a very popular dish of Odisha and is also served to Lord Jagannath of Puri in his Sakala Dhupa,” she added.

Chef Rinki continued with Malpua’s significance to her saying, “Malpua is another popular dessert apart of Patishapta and Gokul Pithe during Poush Parbon or Poush Sankranti. So to celebrate the traditional Bengali winter festival, we used to have Malpua in our childhood and it’s one of the best.”

Calling it one of her favourite dishes, Chef Rinki shared the entire list of ingredients and the recipe!

• 2.0 cups Plain Flour
• 1.0 cup Suji
• 2.0 cups Sugar [as per taste]
• Milk [As required]
• Shredded Coconut
• Fennel Seeds

Mix the ingredients to make a moderately thick batter.
Sugar can be added if more sweetness is desired.
Need to keep the mixture for at least 30min.
Pour a quarter cup of batter and pour into a pan with oil.
Several pancakes may be cooked at any given time, but each piece must be submerged under the oil in order to cook properly.
Cook for about ten minutes and then let it cool for two minutes for an ideal flavour.


Chef Rinki also said, “There are no real challenges associated with this dish. This is a very simple and tasty dish which can be made within 40 minutes.”

Being such an amazing cook, we asked Chef Rinki what other dishes she was looking to make famous on FoodyBuddy. She replied, “As I’m a Bengali, I would like to prepare some of the famous Bengali dishes as well. This will give an opportunity to others to taste some of the Bengali delicacies.”

“I want to prepare some authentic Bengali fish recipes, Sorshe Ilish (Hilsa prepared with thick Mustard), Dudh Pabda (Pabda prepared with Milk), Prawn Malaikari, Authentic Pithe (a Traditional Sweet Dessert), Patishapta, and Gokul Pithe.”

We are sure that your amazing Bengali food will all become as popular as your exquisite Malpua, Chef Rinki 🙂

In conclusion, Chef Rinki had this to say. “I would like to thank the entire team of FoodyBuddy for giving me an opportunity to showcase my cooking capabilities and a big thanks for choosing Malpua as the Dish of the Week!”

Thank you so much for being such a vital part of the FoodyBuddy community, Chef Rinki and all the best in the future 🙂

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