Chef of the Week, 27th July 2018 – Chef Suchi

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

One of FoodyBuddy’s most popular chefs takes her rightful place in the spotlight on this week’s edition of Chef of the Week: Chef Suchi!

Recently, we featured Chef Suchi’s amazing Lity Ki Lassi as a Dish of the Week and now it’s time to celebrate the woman behind such a beloved dish.

It is Chef Suchi’s husband and her cousin brother who introduced FoodyBuddy to her and encouraged her to start selling on the platform and since then she has sold over 1000 Meals!


When asked about what inspires her to keep selling after crossing such a momentous landmark, Chef Suchi replied, “When I get comments about my food from the buyers it inspires me a lot to cook more and mostly the monthly contest from the FoodyBuddy team that make me more enthusiastic!” We are so glad you are enjoying our contests, ma’am 🙂

Chef Suchi is extremely versatile as evidenced by her speciality dishes. She listed them out to us as, “South Indian Breakfast Dishes, North Indian Curries, Stuffed Parathas, Dahi Vada, Bengali Fish Curry, Mutton Curry, Rabdi, and of course, Lity Ki Lassi! I like to learn and cook new dishes from different states,” she concluded.

Chef Suchi also had a beautiful message for all Foodies. She said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well! So, Foodies, I try and make sure you have dined well.” Absolutely lovely words, Chef Suchi!

Chef Suchi also had some words of advice for new Buddies just getting started on FoodyBuddy. She said, “All Buddies, you all are doing a great service to mankind. Keep it up. Foodies trust us and buying from us rather than going to a restaurant. So my kind request to you all is to never compromise with the quality and hygiene of your food. Here we make the difference from a restaurant!”

In closing Chef Suchi said, “Thank You, FoodyBuddy Team, for giving a smile for all buyers and sellers every day!”

And thank you, ma’am, for being such an amazing and integral part of our community 🙂

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