Chef of the Week, 3rd August 2018 – Chef Ritu Ludhiarich

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Today, we have the first Chef of the Week column for the month of August and this time, it’s Ritu Ludhiarich from South City who is our featured Chef – having recently crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone!

Chef Ritu has been a long-time seller on FoodyBuddy and she describes her start on our platform as an interesting one. “Akil (CEO of FoodyBuddy) and my husband Rajeev are badminton buddies. It was through him we got the info and with continuous motivation, till date from both of them I am a regular seller,” she says.

Having been such a veteran on FoodyBuddy and having sold over a 1000 Meals, what is it that keeps Chef Ritu motivated as a seller? She says, “Many factors. For example, first, the inspiration was to sell at least 10 dishes. Then the enthusiasm of adding numbers grew. Reaching 1000 servings in my society was a dream come true and definitely a want for celebration.”

She continues, “The last and most important factor is family bonding with my buyers. They are from aged from 8 years old to 70 years old and they give so much love and appreciation during all the deliveries. Just can’t express the WOW feeling. Just out of the world!”

It’s clear that Chef Ritu’s sellers absolutely love her and her cooking and their beloved Chef shares a wonderful story about a young buyer.

“I have a small 10-year-old buyer who usually loves the Dals that I cook. Whenever he sees me in the evenings he wishes me loudly and asks from a distance “What are you cooking today? Has my mom ordered?” If I reply saying Dal and that his mom hasn’t ordered, he immediately says, “Oh no, man. Please, aunty, keep one plate for me. I will ask my mom to order!” And, believe me, this conversation is so loud I get quite a few eyes on me,” she says with a heartwarming laugh!

Chef Ritu specialises in a lot of different food including Mumbai Street Food such as  Bread Aloo Stuffed Pakodas, Bread Cheese Capsicum Onion Pakodas, Onion Pakodas, Madhya Pradesh ka Moong Dal Pakodas, Beetroot Cutlets, Poha Spinach Cutlets, Paneer Masala (Dry), Chapatis, and Ragi Oats Choco Cookies.

And some of her most ordered dishes are Chapatis, Paneer Masala, Cutlets, Pakodas, Maharashtrian Poha, Pav Bhaji, and Mumbai Vada Pav!

So, being such an established name on FoodyBuddy, does Chef Ritu have any advice for new buddies?

She answers by saying, “Remember that we have been given an awesome platform through FoodyBuddy to showcase our Culinary skills. Kindly do not compromise on the standard, quality, and freshness of the food.We owe it to the Founders of this platform and also to our lovely buyers who are now a part of our family.” What a lovely message, Chef Ritu!

So, what does the future hold for Chef Ritu? “Lots of new dishes to be learned and many more beautiful souls to be met through this platform. A chance to serve,” she replies with a smile.

And, in closing, this is what Chef Ritu had to say. “The founders of this platform are unknowingly doing their Corporate Social Responsibility super fantabulously. A motive is given to many senior citizens (sellers) to learn, grow, and spend their 4th phase of life happily with a motto!”

Thank you so much for your kind words, Chef Ritu, and we wish you all the very best going forward.

Lots of love from the FoodyBuddy Team!

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