Dish of the Week, 14th August 2018 – Chicken Chatti Pathiri by Chef Seena Ameen

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

We have a real treat for you on our Dish of the Week segment this week: Malabar Special Chicken Chatti Pathiri by Chef Seen Ameen! This is a truly special dish which has won the hearts of many a Foody on FoodyBuddy!

In case you don’t know what this dish is, we have Chef Seena explain. “Chicken Chatti Pathri is a very special Malabar dish. This dish is stuffed with 7 layers of tasty chicken fillings. It is also one of the traditional dishes in Kerala. This is also a non-fried snack where everybody can eat it without fear!”


This is one of Chef Seena’s favourite dishes and it is one that is praised unanimously on FoodyBuddy! In fact, even some bakeries have contacted Chef Seena about buying her Chicken Chatti Pathiri!

Chef Seena also gave us a brief history lesson calling the dish a traditional Iftar dish in Kerala and especially in Calicut.

She also called it one of the most challenging dishes to create with extra care required with the layering and the flavouring to get that perfect taste.

Chef Seena also said that she’s looking forward to making other traditional Kerala dishes such as Chicken Kotthu Parotta and Prawns Puttu famous on FoodyBuddy.

In closing, Chef Seena said, “I am glad to know that my dish is one of the most popular. Thank you, FoodyBuddy team!” Thank you, Chef Seena, for being such an awesome part of FoodyBuddy 🙂

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