Chef of the Week, 17th August 2018 – Chef Nawmi

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s Chef of the Week time and this edition features Chef Nawmi, who has become one of the most popular chefs on the FoodyBuddy platform with over 1000 Meals Sold to grateful buyers!

Chef Nawmi originally got started with FoodyBuddy when we ran an introductory session in her apartment – Ajmera Stone Park – and since then, she has been a truly special Buddy to Foodies 🙂

So, what keeps her going even after selling a 1000 meals on our platform? “Customer feedback, and a passion to experiment with new dishes,” replies Chef Nawmi.

Chef Nawmi is a non-vegetarian expert and that shows in her cooking style. Her favourite dishes to prepare are non-veg main courses as well as snacks and desserts while her most popular dishes are Shawarmas and snacks!

Chef Nawmi’s buyers are delighted by the sheer variety of dishes she offers and she recalls a couple of notable interactions with Foodies. ” A couple of customers called up and asked me. “How are you able to offer so many varieties of dishes?” And I replied by saying, “My mother is a great cook and I learnt from her!”” What a lovely sentiment 🙂

So, being such an impressive FoodyBuddy veteran, what advice does Chef Nawmi have for new Buddies? “I would like to advise new buddies to use this platform to show their cooking skills and constantly improve based on the customer feedback,” she replies.

And in closing, this is what Chef Nawmi had to say about her plans for the future. “Offer quality food at affordable prices and make customers feel at home!”

Thank you so much for being such an important part of the FoodyBuddy family, Chef Nawmi, and all the best to you going forward 🙂

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