Chef of the Week, 24th August 2018 – Chef Kamakshi Mathur (Kam’s Kitchen)

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Today, we have a special Chef of the Week column featuring one of FoodyBuddy’s most popular chefs: Chef Kamakshi Mathur who goes by Kam’s Kitchen on our platform!

Chef Kamakshi told us the story about how she got started with FoodyBuddy saying, ” I got to know about FoodyBuddy on one of our apartment’s social media groups and thought, “Yes, this the opportunity I was looking for!” I got myself registered as a seller after that with Akil’s help.”

Since her debut on FoodyBuddy, Chef Kamakshi has reached the 1000 Meals Sold milestone and we asked her what it was that kept her motivated to keep selling on our platform. She replied, “My inspiration is my buyers who like and appreciate my cooking and my husband who keeps me motivated and takes care of children when I am busy with my orders.” That’s absolutely awesome 🙂

Chef Kamakshi is a hugely accomplished home chef and she listed out her specialities for us. “My specialities are Stuffed Parathas, Pav Bhaji, Dal Bati Choorma, White Sauce Pasta, Chicken Masala, Lachha Parathas, Mava Paneer, Jowar Rotis, Baked Samosas, etc.
I like to cook North Indian dishes as I inherited the talent of cooking those dishes from my mother who herself is known in both our family and our society for her cooking skills,” she said.

And what about her most popular dish? Chef Kamakshi replied, “My most popular dish is Stuffed Butter Parathas which are liked by all! Many buyers even say that I use some magic masala that the Parathas have a special taste and I laugh and say it’s because of my love for my buyers.”

Chef  Kamakshi even described two special instances with her Foodies. “There are many but would like to quote two people in my society who call me “Kams” only and not with my real name,” she says with a laugh!

She also recalls another special interaction saying, “One of my buyers is an old man in his 60s who has a delicate stomach. Once his wife was out of town and he tried and liked my food which I customised according to his needs. Since then his wife started going out often saying, “Don’t worry, Kamakshi is here!” Now she has been away staying with her daughter for 4 months!” No wonder you are such a beloved Buddy, Chef Kamakshi 🙂

Being such a popular Buddy, does Chef Kamakshi have any advice to new Buddies? “I want to tell the new buddies to cook for buyers the way you cook for your family. It’s better to cook what you like rather than cooking what’s selling. Your wholehearted efforts will make a difference and people will definitely like it and the most important thing, make sure FoodyBuddy gets its share because after all, FoodyBuddy only has given us this platform,” she replied.

That is such a lovely sentiment, Chef Kamakshi. And, thank you so much for your support which means so much to each and every one of us here at FoodyBuddy 🙂

So, what does the future hold for Chef Kamakshi? She replies with enthusiasm, “Well I should have my own food joint is what many of my family and friends – and even my buyers – keep telling me. I hear it so much that I started believing it myself! Let’s see what the future holds!”

And in closing, Chef Kamakshi had this to say. “Thanks to the whole FoodyBuddy team for giving us this platform. Best wishes and all my support for your successful future!”

It is the support of amazing home chefs like you, Chef Kamakshi, that keeps us going so thank you very very much and all the very best to you going forward 🙂

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