It’s a Splendid September on FoodyBuddy!

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

September is here and it promises to be a Splendid one on the FoodyBuddy platform with an awesome new monthly contest with a fancy new prize up for grabs. Here are the official contest rules for the month:

Splendid September Contest Rules

What about last month’s contest you ask? Well, we have the list of winners for the Amazing August contest right here for you:

Amazing August Winners

Not just that, we also have all the winners for last week’s Hall of Fame contest here as well:

Hall of Fame Winners 3rd September 2018

We also have all the rules for this week’s Hall of Fame contest sent to you via e-mail! And finally, before we say goodbye, here is this week’s updated list of Bronze Dishes:

Chole Bhature by Chef Alia

Bread Rolls by Chef Arti

Lajeej Palak Paneer by Chef Babita

Masala Pav Bhaji and Tomato Cheesy Baked Pasta by Chef Gitali Sengupta

Phulka Pack by Chef Komal Vijay

Idly and Rotis/Parathas by Chef Lalita Shekhar

Big-size Aloo Parathas by Chef Maa Durga

Sabudana Vada by Chef Neha Kavathekar

Diet Phulkas by Chef Padma N

Pack of 6 Stuffed Parathas by Chef Pragati

Onion Dosa by Chef Pushpa Urs

Gobi Parathas by Chef Pushpinder Kaur

Aloo Onion Paratha and Mooli Green Chili Paratha by Chef Rimjhim Jain

Punjabi Aloo Parathas by Chef Ritu

Pakistani-style Fish Biryani Chef Smita Dey

Puran Poli by Chef Smitha Nikhil and Pradnya Bane

Idly by Chef Sudha

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