Chef of the Week, 7th September 2018 – Chef Anita Govil

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

We return to our Chef of the Week column and this time we have Chef Anita Govil from Brigade Metropolis who recently crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone on the FoodyBuddy platform.

So, how exactly did Chef Anita get started with FoodyBuddy? ” I once had a daughter’s friend come over for lunch from the same society. She had my food and from that day was behind me to get started with FoodyBuddy! I just got a kick and I started,” she replies with a smile.


And, thus started her journey to crossing the 1000 meals mark on our platform. So, what is it that keeps Chef Anita inspired?

“The love and respect for my cooking from all the foodies,” she answers.

And her foodies definitely feel the same. Chef Anita describes some of her most memorable interactions with her buyers. She says, “They often tell me that my cooking reminds them of their mother’s cooking. It touches my heart and motivates me more!”


Chef Anita is a versatile chef and she specialises in North Indian cuisine. Her most-ordered dishes include Chole Bhature, Dal Baati Churma, Samosas, Gujias, and Ladoos.

Being such a veteran chef on FoodyBuddy, we asked Chef Anita what advice she had for new Buddies and she replied, “Just put your heart and soul in your cooking and you will see the results!”

So, what does the future hold for Chef Anita? She answered, “With this wonderful platform, the future is all bright with lots of name and fame!”

And finally, Chef Anita said, “I would like to thank your wonderful team for all the support provided. FoodyBuddy has changed my life. I was always passionate about cooking but never got a chance so I owe u all a treat! God bless and keep up the great work!”

Thank you so much for the amazing words, Chef Anita, and thank you for being such an integral member of our community. We are so happy that you are enjoying your time on FoodyBuddy and we wish you all the best going forward 🙂

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