Have You Been Having a Splendid September?

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Have you been having a Splendid September? It’s not too late to participate in our September monthly challenge and win an amazing prize! We already have 13 Winners!

Splendid September Mid-Month Winners.png

A great way to win the Splendid September Challenge is to take part in our weekly Hall of Fame challenges and for this week’s challenge, remember to check your e-mails.

We also have a list of last week’s Hall of Fame Winners and it was an amazing week with a huge number of winners:

Hall of Fame Winners, 17th September 2018.png

Congrats to everyone who made the list 🙂

Finally, here are all the new Bronze Dishes from this week:

Poori with Aloo Masala by Chef Baba

Vada Pav by Chef Komal Vijay

Sabudana Khichdi by Chef Manisha Gupta

Poha by Chef Anju Rungta

Stuffed Parathas by Chef Pragati

Kolhapuri Chicken Masala With 3 Chapathi and Raita by Chef Sanjivani

Sabudana Khichdi by Chef Shraddha Joshi

Chicken Fried Rice by Chef Tapas

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