Chef of the Week, 21st September 2018 – Chef Atrayee

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Our Chef of the Week column is back! On this edition, we have the amazing Chef Atrayee who has quickly crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone on FoodyBuddy to become a beloved member of our community 🙂

She is one of the most popular Buddies on our platform but according to Chef Atrayee herself, it was luck that brought her to FoodyBuddy.

“Getting started on FoodyBuddy was kind of accidental. Someone from our apartment had introduced the app and I started for fun but then cooking is my interest area. I got some nice responses and that’s how it continued,” she explains.

A happy accident that has turned into a huge win for anyone who has been fortunate enough to taste Chef Atrayee’s cooking! So, what keeps her inspired after selling so many meals on FoodyBuddy?

“The good and overwhelming responses from Foodies motivates me a lot and keeps the wheel rolling,” she answers with a smile!

Chef Atrayee is a versatile cook and she tells us what her favourite dishes to cook are:

“I love to cook Chinese, North Indian, Tawa version of Tandoor Dishes as Starters or Main Courses. I love to keep the food less oily and spicy and my favourite dishes to cook are Paneer Tikka with colourful veggies, Tawa Chicken Tandoor, Grilled Fish, Briyanis, Kathi Rolls and many more!”

Her buyers certainly agree with her choices as her most popular dishes are the Kathi Rolls, the Paneer Tikka, the Tawa Chicken Tandoor, and Roti-Veggie Combos.

And, to Chef Atrayee, it’s the happiness of Foodies that matters above all. “Till now I have received positive feedback from all the Foodies I have interacted. If they suggest some changes, I take them very seriously and work on them,” she explains.

It is this same buyer happiness that she is focused on in the months to come as a major part of her future plans. We are certainly glad to have your amazing cooking continue to be a part of the FoodyBuddy platform, ma’am 🙂

So, being such an accomplished Buddy, does Chef Atrayee have any advice for new sellers on the platform? “Give your heart out in your cooking. It gives immense satisfaction when Foodies likes your food,” she answers.

And finally, in closing, Chef Atrayee says, “I would like to thank FoodyBuddy for providing me with a beautiful platform to showcase my interest area!”

And we are so happy that you are enjoying your time here, ma’am, and all the very best to you going forward 🙂

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