Chef of the Week, 12th October 2018 – Chef Shraddha Joshi

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Today, we have a special Chef joining the Chef of the Week ranks – Shraddha Joshi from Serene County, Hyderabad!

Chef Shraddha is one of the fastest chefs to reach the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone and she has achieved this in just a few short months since joining FoodyBuddy. Congrats to you on that, ma’am 🙂

So, how did this amazing journey start for Chef Shraddha?

“The journey started a few months back when my ideas aligned with the concept of FoodyBuddy and that’s when I had a meeting with Akil who made things very clear and simple from a ‘home chef’s’ point of view and provided enough excitement to start this! It’s been a wonderful journey since then,” she recalled with excitement!

So, having hit the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone in such a quick time, what inspires Chef Shraddha to keep cooking with such dedication?

She replied, “More than the numbers, it’s the overall joy that I get when I cook for someone and it makes them happy in some way or the other. As rightly said by Virginia Woolf – ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.'”

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves, Chef!

So, what are Chef Shraddha’s specialities which have brought her so much love from Foodies?

“So far, my specialities have been around Maharashtrian dishes like Puran Poli, Chivda, Rabdi, and Chapatis. I love to cook traditional Maharashtrian food, specialities from Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and few simple yet tummy filling dishes which are a demand from my son,” answered Chef Shraddha!

Her buyers certainly agree as her most-sold dishes include Puran Poli, Chivda, Rabdi, and Chapatis – all of which are incredibly delicious!

Chef Shraddha shares a special connection with her Foodies. She said, “This is one of the best parts of the being a buddy that you get to talk to a lot of kind souls and get to know their experiences, diversities in the culture, the likes and dislikes about food, friendly suggestions, requests for some (lost in the time) traditional dishes which connects them to their past and many such heartwarming experiences!”

So, having become one of the top chefs on FoodyBuddy within just a few months, does Chef Shraddha have any words of advice for new Buddies?

“Keep it simple and cook from your heart!” Short, sweet, and insightful advice!

Finally, we asked Chef Shraddha what the future held for her and she replied with a grin, “Exciting times, I reckon! It’s fun as the best is yet to come!”

Looking forward to it, ma’am! Thank you so much for being such an integral part of the FoodyBuddy family and all the best to you going forward 🙂

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