Chef of the Week, 2nd November 2018 – Neha Kavathekar

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Our Chef of the Week series returns with Chef Neha Kavathekar – one of FoodyBuddy’s rising stars – who recently crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone!

Hailing from Republic of Whitefield, Chef Neha is one of the most popular chefs on the entire FoodyBuddy platform and is fully deserving of her place on this illustrious list of home chefs.

So, how did Chef Neha get started on FoodyBuddy exactly?

“A friend in our apartment, Monica Sahani, introduced FoodyBuddy here. But initially, I didn’t take it seriously. And then another very good friend and ex-neighbour, Sonal Shroff, who had tasted and enjoyed my recipes convinced me to get onto this platform. That’s how my journey started,” she replied.

All of your Foodies are very thankful that your friends convinced you to get on this platform, ma’am 🙂


So, having quickly hit the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone, what is it that keeps Chef Neha so motivated to keep selling on FoodyBuddy?

“After I started selling meals, I quickly realized that people prefer home cooked food over other options in the market. Also, I feel honoured having sold 1000+ dishes on the FoodyBuddy platform. The journey from 0 to 1000+ dishes feels like a dream.”

She continued, “I feel so content having served a broad spectrum of lovely Foodies. I have served my dishes to Senior Citizens as well as Bachelors… I have served to Pregnant women to someone who was sick. I have served for Birthday parties, get-togethers and also to foodies in their busy routines.. there are so many memories attached with each one of those 1000+ dishes. To tell you the truth, I feel like I haven’t sold those dishes, but I gathered 1000+ blessings and good wishes in this journey.”

What a lovely sentiment from a truly beloved Buddy!


Having blazed such a scorching trail to 1000 Meals Sold, we asked Chef Neha what specialities were and she responded, ” Papli Chat, Poha, Sabudana Wada and Thepla are my favourite and super seller dishes!”

There was also a lot of excitement from our star chef when we asked her what her most popular dish was with her Foodies!

“PAAAAPDIIIIII CHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT. The reason is, my Papdis are homemade, which all the foodies thoroughly enjoy eating,” she exclaimed with a massive smile 🙂

Her Foodies definitely share her enthusiasm as a number of them have personally approached Chef Neha to tell her how much they enjoy her food!

Having made such a massive impact on the FoodyBuddy community in such a short period of time, what advice does Chef Neha have for new Buddies?

She answered, “I would say, bring out the flavours of your culture and share it with Foodies. There are so many commonly available dishes but add your imagination to give the recipe a twist. I just love what I do and that’s the main mantra.”

Great advice, ma’am!


What does the future hold for Chef Neha then? “I don’t think much about the future. I make a fresh start every day with an objective to serve all the lovely foodies better than what I could have done in the past,” she replied.

And finally, we asked Chef Neha if she had some closing thoughts and she said, ” I wanted to take this opportunity to say that FoodyBuddy is doing a fabulous job of bringing out the rich Indian culinary culture right from each household. And that’s where the real taste is hidden like a treasure. Anybody can go and spend money and eat at five star or fine dining restaurants but real authentic flavours of a broad spectrum of recipes can be found right into a household kitchen. There are no limits…the foodies just need to try out!”

Thank you so much for a lovely interview, Chef Neha and all the very best to you going forward 🙂

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