Dish of the Week, 20th November 2018 – Rose Falooda Popsicles by Chef Nikita with Recipe!

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

We have a real treat for you on our Dish of the Week column this time around. Introducing Rose Falooda Popsicles by Chef Nikita! Before we dive into the dish, here are some words from our featured chef:

“Hey, folks! Firstly thank you very much for this honour. I’m highly delighted and now at this stage, it’s become more of a responsibility than just an opportunity!

I got married a couple of months ago and was leading a casual life like any other newlywed would. Being pampered from each of our families and I was literally taking a ‘chill pill’. When FoodyBuddy was launched in the apartment I had no thoughts of being a part of it thinking I wouldn’t be able to do it.

And then sparked my magic wand. My husband Ritesh who is a big time Foodie and also an excellent cook, baker, and a loving husband who can compromise on anything except food. In fact, he always dreams of starting a ‘Multi Cuisine Restaurant’.

The reason for the variety in the menu and all innovations thoroughly goes to him. I got to know his passion for food and cooking when his mother narrated stories of him helping her in the kitchen as a child. I was instantly impressed and I guess that was one of the significant reasons to say ‘I do.'”

Lovely words, Chef Nikita!


Now, coming to this innovative dish, we asked the chef what exactly the dish is. She replied, “This dish – Rise Falooda Popsicle – as the name suggests is made with extracts of Rose petals or with Rose syrup and has a variety of healthy ingredients in it like roasted rawa vermicelli, chia seeds, condensed milk, jelly crystals, raisins and so on which is perfect for any season and people of any age group – ‘bachchon se lekar dadaji tak!'”

And, does the dish hold any special significance to Chef Nikita?

“Oh yes, it definitely does. I could just imagine it as a drink but my husband’s thought of converting it into an ice cream was just commendable. Initially, I was sceptical if it would taste as good as a drink but then the results were amazing!”

We asked Chef Nikita if this was one of her favourite dishes, to which she replied, “We no longer crave for desserts be it ice creams or pastries or anything for that matter because we have a host of variety in our own fridge now. We now call it a ‘mini restaurant’. Rose Popsicle undoubtedly is one of my go-to desserts as I have a big-time sweet tooth and so I relish desserts in a crazy manner.”

“In fact, Rose Falooda Popsicle was also Ritesh’s crazy idea. One day we just sat thinking how about experimenting a kulfi out of a drink that most of us enjoy having as a dessert and thus together we executed the idea. Luckily it came out so well that was beyond our expectation. We literally had our ‘fingers crossed’ till it was deep freezing until the next day,” she explained with a smile about how she learned to make the dish.


Chef Nikita was also kind enough to provide us a full recipe for the dish.

Preparation time: 20 – 25 minutes
Servings: serves 7 to 8
Freezing time: 12 to 14 hours

Full toned milk – 1/2 litre
Rose syrup – 5 tbsp
Roasted vermicelli – 2 tbsp
Chia seeds – 2 tbsp
Tutti frutti – 1 1/2 tbsp
Rainbow sprinkles – 1tbsp
Raisins – 1 tbsp
Condensed milk – 2 tbsp
Milk powder – 20 gms
Sugar – 5 to 6 tbsp
Icecream sticks – 7 to 8

Method :

1) Add roasted vermicelli in boiling water and boil it till it turns soft.

2) Soak chia seeds in water for 10 to 15 minutes.

3) Next boil the milk and add condensed milk, milk powder, Rose syrup and sugar and keep stirring it at regular intervals in low flame for the next 20 minutes.

4) After the milk thickens slightly take it off the flame and add rest of the ingredients i.e chia seeds, raisins, tutti frutti, rainbow sprinkles followed by boiled vermicelli and allow the mixture to cool before freezing it.

5) Lastly take a kulfi mould and pour the mixture into it by placing the stick in the centre and deep freeze it for about 12 to 14 hours.

Note: Remove the popsicles from the mould just before serving it so that it doesn’t melt away and the texture remains intact.

We asked Chef Nikita if there were any challenges associated with making this dish and she responded, “We were worried if the consistency would allow it to freeze to perfection also will the Falooda combination work in a Popsicle as I myself had never tasted such a thing in my life. So we were debutants in this and the dish was itself a challenge.”

So, are there any other dishes Chef Nikita is looking to make famous on FoodyBuddy?

She replied with a huge grin, “Oh well, There are a host of dishes coming your way right from Bihar ki Shaan Litti Choka to Punjab ki Pehchaan Sargo ka Saag te Makke di Roti, my favourites Malpua & Rabdi, Gulab Jamun and the list goes on. So foodies, be prepared for a yummy-tummy treat!”

And finally, Chef Nikita had some closing words.

She said, “Precisely I’m not trained in cooking I can say that it is been gifted to me by my mother and to her by her mother and so on. As a child I used to watch mom while she cooked in the kitchen, the way she used spices and her style of cooking inspired me and that’s where I imbibed this quality from. And whenever I found time after school or during holidays I used to try my hands on any of my fav dish and mom used to grade it. Thankfully it was a “thumbs up” most of the times excluding few goof ups sometimes.”

So that’s how one by one the dishes got added into my memory book like it’s said ‘boond boond se sagar bharta hai’ (little by little, fills the pot). But then my pot still has a lot of space to grab and accommodate many more dishes and innovations that would come my way.

Luckily, I have two lovely & wonderful cooks by my side – my mom and my mother in law. Both of them excel in cooking thus they keep pushing me forward to keep going keep innovating & make people happy.

And of course “A knight in shining armour’ – my husband – who is the core strength that gets me going strong and confident and the sole reason for my existence in FoodyBuddy. I can’t thank you enough!

Once again Thank you FoodyBuddy for coming into our lives and making it worthwhile!”

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, innovation, and for being such a great part of FoodyBuddy, Chef Nikita! Wishing you all the best going forward 🙂

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