Dish of the Week, 4th December 2018 – ABC Juice by Chef Amruta

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Welcome to the first Dish of the Week Column for the month of December and we have an exciting beverage for you this time around! Introducing Chef Amruta’s patented ABC Juice which has been wowing Foodies on our platform!

What exactly is ABC Juice? Chef Amruta answered, ” ABC Juice is a miracle drink for all ages. It has a combination of fruits and vegetables – 1 apple, 1 beetroot and 2 carrots blended together without using any sugar. It’s an amazing healthy drink to have at any time of the day. It works as an anti-ageing agent and helps in weight loss, keeps your heart healthy, helps with digestion, brain function and also improves memory.”

Chef Amruta described why ABC Juice holds such significance for her. She said, “This dish helped me in many ways such as keeping me healthy throughout the day, increasing my haemoglobin levels – especially during my pregnancy period – and helping me with good iron content throughout the cycle.”

She continued, “This is one of my favourite juices which I consume every day early in the morning. Even though there is no sugar added, the natural sucrose which is there in the fruits gives the juice some sweetness.

So, how did Chef Amruta come up with this innovative beverage? She replied, “I learnt to make this dish by myself. Being a foodie, I keep trying a blend of all types of mixed vegetables and fruits to get a proper taste. One day, I ended up making A+B+C juice which was superbly tasty even with the pulp. From then, I started making this juice regularly.”

Chef Amruta was even kind enough to provide a full recipe for the dish.

Apple – 1 (skin peeled )
Carrots – 2 (skin peeled )
Beetroot – 1 (skin peeled )
Water – 1 cup

Cut all these fruits into small pieces
Add 1 cup of water
Blend it with the juicer jar
This juice can be consumed either with and without the pulp
For those who need with pulp, this blended juice can be served directly
For those who don’t like pulp, this juice can be strained and then served

We quizzed Chef Amruta on any challenges associated with the preparation of her juice and she replied, “It’s pretty easy to make this juice as all the fruits are easily available. I use only organic apples, beetroot and carrots which gives a better taste and sweetness. The only thing that we need is patience to peel the skin of the fruit and veggies, cut it into small pieces and strain it for those who don’t want the pulp.”

In closing, we asked Chef Amruta if she was looking to make any of her other dishes famous on FoodyBuddy.

She answered, “Typically, I’m a Sourashtrian, so I’m trying to give more exposure to all our Sourashtrian dishes such as Radish Kuzhambu (Sourashtrian style) and make them popular on Foodybuddy. People would have never tasted our food anywhere.”

“I’m also interested in making a lot of different varieties of fresh juices popular like the ABC Juice,” she concluded.

Thank you very much for your time and your recipe, ma’am and all the very best to you going forward 🙂

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