Chef Neelima Talwar’s FoodyBuddy Story!

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s FoodyBuddy Stories time and we have Chef Neelima Talwar who shares her awesome story with us today:

“Cooking has always fascinated me because it is a fine art like painting and writing. I’ve delved deep into the latter two during my university days and found time for them again after I gave up my job a few years ago.

I met Akil in June this year who briefed me about the concept of homecooked food on FoodyBuddy which was very impressive. I knew that such niche markets exist in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai where people are getting very health conscious due to their sedentary lifestyles.

The apartment I live in is full of well-educated women who are up-to-date about intelligent nurturing. They are all into yoga, swimming, walking and healthy living. After all, you are what you eat.

I started off in FoodyBuddy with millets, but all millets are to be eaten with cooked vegetables. They have limitations when they have to be paired with raw food. So, I tried a few new things as well. The Jowar Idli and Millet Khichdi that I made were a huge hit in our apartment. Soon there were clones.

I moved on to salads, which are obviously a better choice than millets. But not all Indians can enjoy salads. They needed tastier ones, and at the same time, I knew that they wanted it to be reasonably priced which was a challenge.

I ordered salads everywhere I went and most were loaded with mayonnaise, and the standard ones were just a huge mix of various types of calorie-loaded sauces and dressings. I wanted to make salads which were healthy and exciting for the buyers. As a part of the salad experiments, I started with “The Detox Salad” and a “Buddha Bowl” with Quinoa as the hero.

Both became sought-after dishes. But on top of the list was the Detox Salad in a Jar. This salad still holds a lot of respect among the buyers because it has a lot to do with the addition of new fruits and changes in dressings all the time. Passion Fruit Dressing is one big hit. Someone told me that my salad was ‘Value for money,” and another said, ‘They feel lucky to have me here.’

There are a handful who regularly order from me, and I’m so indebted to them for putting their faith in me. The spends on the fruits and ingredients are pretty high for me, the money which comes in just about covers its math. I know I’m under-priced, but I want to become a habit to people here!

I love experimenting and I have a great line-up of new salads, health drinks and post-workout smoothies. I must say that my community here actually helped me do a lot of R&D and I soon plan to come up with salads made of Oats Groats and Pasta Quinoa dishes with Italian seasoning.

One day, I dream to have my own virtual salad bar on Foodybuddy and people will just have to get a customised salad in a jiffy!”

And here is what some of Chef Neelima’s biggest fans have to say:

Congrats to Chef Neelima for her amazing success on FoodyBuddy and all the best to you going forward 🙂

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