Chef of the Week, 15th March 2019 – Anju Rungta

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s time for a Chef of the Week column and this time around we have Chef Anju Rungta – a passionate FoodyBuddy chef – who recently crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone!

We asked Chef Anju how she got her start on FoodyBuddy, and she replied, “My neighbour Seema introduced me to FoodyBuddy as she knows how much I like cooking. Hamare yahan kahavat hai, ‘Hum log khilate pilate ghar ke hai.’ (We say that we serve people food and drinks which are made in our own homes!)”

“We hail from Rajasthan where serving food is treated like providing a royal treatment to the guests who are treated like God – ‘Athiti Devo bhava!’”

“Our special thanks to Mrs Seema Syam, our next neighbour. She was the first one to talk to us about it. Her very positive comments encouraged us to try FoodyBuddy!”

We also asked her what keeps her inspired and motivated to keep selling. She replied, “I have a platform where I can work on my passion and get recognized on a daily basis. I feel appreciated of my capabilities and even been requested at times to cook to meet a Foody’s craving. The fact that I get appreciation so quickly itself is a motivation to cook and wait for the likes or wonderful messages people post.”

“The FoodyBuddy platform has brought me close to food enthusiasts who value homemade food that has purity and affection compared to that of store-bought foods. It’s sold as a commodity rather than a delicacy.”

“Another part of FoodyBuddy that is greatly enjoyed is the fact that everyone comes to our home to pick up the food. When they arrive, they provide feedback about what they ate last time, how delicious it was and how it brings a smile to all. It’s more a family than anything else within the neighbourhood.”

Chef Anju is a versatile chef and we asked her about her specialities.

She said, “Cooking is my passion and love. The ones I really like to make and get a lot of appreciation are Dal Baati and Churma Combo and Moong Ki Dal ka Halwa. When it comes to the breakfast menu, I love to make the Indore style Poha with Sev and Samosas.

In the last one year, Chef Anju has served hundreds of food lovers from all parts of India. She has been living in Karnataka for the last 40+ years and has a mix blend of both north and south Indian food. All our food lovers like the diversified recipes which Anju cooks.

Chef Anju’s delicious cooking has led to fantastic feedback with Foodies. A few of the messages are shared below:


“Everything was perfect for us. Thanks.”
“Yummy and light on the tummy.”
“Delicious Rajasthani food…absolutely recommended.”

Moong Dal Halwa:
“One of the tastiest Indian sweets. Very delicious.”

Dal Baati:
“Lip smacking taste and very filling. I shall order again for sure!”

Chef Anju also had some advice for new Buddies looking to follow her path to FoodyBuddy success. “As for advice to new buddies, I would tell them to cook with the same love and affection you cook for your family and to never compromise with the quantity and quality of food,” she said

Chef Anju also has some plans for healthy cooking and eating habits. “My future plans are to do develop a line for organic and naturopathy inspired foods. I have done various courses and plan to start providing those as well.”

We are certain you will achieve your goals, Chef Anju!

Finally, Chef Anju said in closing, “I am grateful to FoodyBuddy for giving me this platform from which I can serve the home cooked food to food lovers. The food cooked at home is grease-free which helps food lovers remain healthy even when eating outside of their home. Thanks a lot for this awesome idea”.

That is a beautiful way of thinking, Chef Anju, and we would like to thank you for being such a fantastic part of the FoodyBuddy family!

If you would like to be a Home Chef on FoodyBuddy, please register by clicking here!

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