Chef of the Week, 22nd March 2019 – Kiruthigha

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s Chef of the Week time and, on this edition, we have Chef Kiruthigha who is one of the most popular chefs on FoodyBuddy!

We had an insightful conversation with Chef Kiruthigha starting with how she got started on FoodyBuddy – which proved to be a unique story. “I had moved to this apartment a few weeks before FoodyBuddy was launched. When I came to know about the FoodyBuddy app, I was curious and met the representative along with a few more residents to understand the functionality. I didn’t have any intention of cooking. I was kicking off my second innings of IT career as a mobile app developer. I was curious about the app and its functionality rather than becoming a Buddy. But when I got my first order, I was super excited and FoodyBuddy became a part of my life,” she recalls.


Having been such a popular Buddy and having sold over 1000 Meals during her time on FoodyBuddy, Chef Kiruthigha told us what keeps her motivated and inspired. She said, “Appreciation from my Foodies inspires me very much. This helps me to keep learning new varieties of dishes, healthy options, and tastier food. I have got many requests for dishes like Sprouted Ragi Almond Powder, Mixed Fruit Jam etc. The drive is always from Foodies. My kids when they are back from school, plan their evening as per the number of deliveries that day. More deliveries make them happier which is a big motivation and has helped me cross the milestone of 1000 Meals Sold!”

FoodyBuddy Food

Chef Kiruthigha also told us about her specialities. She said, “Most of the dishes which I prepare in my kitchen are from my mother or my mother in law’s recipe books with minor tweaks here and there. I prepare more of traditional South Indian snacks. Adhirsam, Murukku, Idli, Sambhar, Masala Vada, Gulab Jamun, Tender Coconut Ice-cream, Baked Veg Cutlet, Idiyappam with Veg Stew and list goes on.”

Her most popular dishes are certainly interesting! “Adhirsam – The south Indian delicacy with rice flour and jaggery – Multigrain Dosa Batter and Gulab Jamun are the most popular. Most numbers of a dish I have sold till date are Veg Cutlets and Tender Coconut Ice Cream. I”m waiting for the summer to introduce more of traditional coolant varieties,” she said.

Her Foodies certainly agree and Chef Kiruthigha also shared some memorable moments with buyers. She said, “Like most of the wonderful chefs in FoodyBuddy, kids identify me with their favourite dish. Aunties in my apartment give me so many tips and tricks to make my food tastier and healthier. I have a recipe validation group who are Foodie experts of different cuisines. Whenever I plan to introduce a new dish, this group of friends validate, suggest changes, recheck and then the dish goes for sale. Idiyappam with Veg Stew, Baked Cutlet with their suggestions helped me to satisfy the taste buds of my foodies!”

Wow, it’s no wonder that your food is so delicious, ma’am 🙂

When we asked Che Kiruthigha what advice she has for new Buddies looking to replicate her awesome success, she said, “Cook like you do for your kids and family. Enjoy each and every moment in the kitchen. Food added with love tastes better. FoodyBuddy is the right platform to pursue the passion for cooking.”

Chef Kiruthigha also gave us some information about her future plans. “With FoodyBuddy, now I am able to extend my kitchen to nearby apartments. I would say after my career break, FoodyBuddy gave me a breakthrough by giving me recognition and identity. I would love to fill my showcase with many monthly awards from FoodyBuddy. Future with FoodyBuddy looks tastier,” she said with a smile!


Finally, Chef Kiruthigha had some warm words for her family. “My early childhood was in a joint family with grandparents, mom, dad, uncles, aunts, and cousins. So cooking for more people is in my blood. I would not have been able to do this now without learnings from my childhood. I am just the face of the kitchen, behind me there is a big team. My mom and dad’s blessings from their heavenly abode, my husband’s and sister’s support, my mother in law’s recipes and tricks and above all my kids’ help in and out of the kitchen. Without them, I can never imagine achieving this milestone,” she finished!

Thank you so much for being such an amazing chef and integral part of FoodyBuddy, ma’am, and all the very best to you going forward 🙂

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