Chef of the Week, 29th March 2019 – Sakshi Garg

Hello,  Foodies and Buddies!

We’re back for our final Chef of the Week feature for the month of March and this time, it is Chef Sakshi Garg who takes her rightful place in the spotlight.

Chef Sakshi had this to say at the start of this interview.

“First, A big ‘Thank You’ to all the Foodies and Buddies. Because of you all, I am happily able to cross 1000 Meals Milestone! My inspiration is my Foodies and their lovely motivating comments which helps me keep going!”

Chef Sakshi then told us about how she got her start on the FoodyBuddy app. She said, “I remember, someone shared about FoodyBuddy in the apartment WhatsApp group. I was on a family vacation, but the message struck me. I knew instantly, this was something meant for me. I starred that message and after a few months when I had some time to think it through, I contacted the FoodyBuddy team. The fact that FoodyBuddy is a great platform where we can order fresh, hygienic, delicious home cooked reasonable food as per our taste is awesome!”

“Being an IT Professional and living into such a stressful environment daily, it gives me immense pleasure to cook and experiment with new dishes and giving a healthy twist to the same without compromising taste.”

“As they say, ‘Health is Wealth,’ so no matter whatever we are eating, our likes and dislikes we cannot ignore the healthy part for maintaining ourselves.”

What a lovely, well-thought-out response!

We then asked about Chef Sakshi’s inspiration having sold over 1000 Meals on FoodyBuddy.

“Basically , being new to this community , I did not have many friends but since I started serving on FoodyBuddy, I am to make healthy and yummy relationships with so many foodies and now I can proudly say that I have friends of all ages starting from 3-year-old kids to even 60 plus age elderly people. This really motivates me to cook with Love and Passion as this is one of the secret ingredients of my dishes,” she replied with a big smile.

She continued, “Secondly, The testimonials on the app and their lovely comments shared with me personally from my foodies is the biggest motivation. I agree I feel exhausted on most of the days, but a smile just comes out of nowhere when I see the lovely compliments from them. The satisfaction that I get by delivering hot and healthy food on time and big smiles on their faces gets me ticking.

Some parents always used to thank me for preparing dishes in such a way that the healthy ingredients are hidden inside. And the fact that their kids loved those dishes and ask for them, again and again, feels like an achievement. And being a mother, I can also understand the fact that how happy the parents feel when their kids are enjoying food nicely and finishing their meals without complaints or putting any extra efforts in feeding them.”

Here are some of the testimonials Chef Sakshi was talking about:


We then asked about Chef Sakshi’s favourite dishes to prepare and she said,” I specialise in North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Desserts, Baking, and the list goes on. Personally, I love to cook everything with a healthy twist and that’s what translates into the taste. Veg Hakka Noodles, Non-Fried/ Baked snacks, Kadhi Chawal, Punjabi Chole, all kind of Paneer curries, Stuffed parathas, Pizza ’s, Cheesy Pasta, Baking Cakes and Muffins, and Desserts are my favourites amongst many other dishes which I specialise in.”

“I also get personal requests for food from my foodies as per their taste which I really love to cook cause I always want them to enjoy and feel like every bite is worth having,” she concluded.

Chef Sakshi also told us about the dishes which her buyers most like to order.

It would be very hard to filter it down, but I would say Paneer Pav Bhaji, Veg Hakka Noodles, Paneer Butter Masala, Cheese Sandwiches, Palak Paneer Corn, Veg Pulav, Schezwan Paneer Fried Rice, Punjabi Chole, Veg Cheese Pizza, Baked Snacks like Kababs, Samosas, Cutlets, and Desserts like Rabdi, Ladoos, Shahi Tukda, and Fruit Custard amongst many others are mostly liked by my Foodies so much,” said Chef Sakshi.

Chef Sakshi’s buyers clearly love her food and she even described a few memorable interactions with her Foodies.

She said, “I have got a few nick names from my foodies. I have got tags like #Chef4HealthyFood, #HealthQueen, etc. These are not just names, but like an award for all the hard work that I put in. I remember a few special interactions with my foodies and would love to share them.”

“Once I received a late-night call, somewhere around 10ish. It was beyond my usual hours, but the person on the other side was sick and requested for food as she was not willing to order from outside in her condition. I was happy to stretch myself and serve her as per her taste. Later, she personally came to my place to thank me for the other day.”

“Few other incidents include, when foodies tell me that their kids have become my fans and that they are happy to replace the outside junk food for them with my healthy version, or when a foodie went to her hometown instructing her husband to order regularly from me and not to eat outside food, or simply when they say that all my dishes are ‘yummy and delicious as usual’.”

Chef Sakshi also had some words of wisdom for new Buddies on the FoodyBuddy App.

“Being regular and just cooking with full passion and love is the most important tip.”

“Another important tip would be to customize dishes as per the Foodie’s requirement and especially to get to know if the dish is for themselves or for kids or both. The challenge then is to adjust different requirements that too if it’s the same dish for so many at the same time without compromising taste.

And finally, don’t let yourself down, if things are going slow. As it takes, some time to get going and when it does, you will enjoy every moment of it.”

Great advice, Chef Sakshi!

We quizzed Chef Sakshi about her future plans and she said, “Now, as FoodyBuddy is also one of the members of my family, I would love to serve and surprise myself and the foodies with same passion and dedication.  Also, going forward I do not want it to be limited to only a few communities to which I am serving right now. Love to serve all the Foodies who want to enjoy delicious, hygienic homemade food even at offices and outside apartment communities!”

And finally, Chef Sakshi had some closing words. She said, “I really feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful platform and opportunity into my life to move one step forward. As I said, delivering fresh, healthy, hot and tasty food on time is always been very challenging for me so, first of all, I wanna thanks my Mom for sharing her natural talent and skills and teaching me how to manage time effectively as lifetime lesson.

“Also, I would like to thank my loving and supportive husband who is always there by my side and the confidence which I gained from him just take me to another level. Even after spending a full hectic day at the office when he returns back home and offers to help me in the kitchen, packing the food nicely and even fully prepared to deliver food on time, just keeps me going on and on with full dedication and happiness. Thanks a ton, my dear hubby for all your support and encouragement and helps me to cross all the hurdles smoothly in life.

A big thank you to all the Foodies once again for their love and support!  I would again take up this opportunity to thank you all at FoodyBuddy. Your team has started a nice platform and the amount of work that goes in from your end is commendable where Foodies, as well as Buddies, can enjoy and live a healthy lifestyle without impacting much of their personal as well as professional life.”

Thank you so much for such kind and loving words, ma’am, and everyone here at FoodyBuddy wishes you all the very best going forward. You are such an important part of the FoodyBuddy family and our success is only possible because of your awesome work!

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