Chef of the Week, 14th June 2019 – Sneha Kakarlapudi

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

We have Chef Sneha from Serene County as our Chef of the Week and she is one FoodyBuddy’s most beloved Buddies!

Chef Sneha explained to us how she got started on FoodyBuddy. She said, “Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most common platform of communication and it turned out to be lucky as I saw the post about Foodybuddy in one of our community WhatsApp Groups and instantly started exploring! I have always loved cooking and took this as an opportunity!”


Having sold over 1000 meals during her time on the platform, we asked Chef Sneha what keeps her inspired and she answered, “Feedback and right appreciation is the best key to success! I get inspired by the testimonials and encouraging feedback from the Foodies!”

Chef Sneha specialises in a variety of food. She remarked, “I am known for different kinds of yummy pasta! That’s what I have been known for in our community even before I started as a chef in FoodyBuddy.”

“Oh, and also authentic Andhra Cuisine especially Chicken Pulao,” she added.

Chef Sneha said about her most ordered dishes, “There are various dishes Foodies specifically ask for and Chicken Cutlets, Quesadillas, Chicken Curry, Strawberry Parfait, and Chicken & Tomato Pickles are the most popular dishes!”

“It makes me very happy when the foodies personally call me or text me to appreciate the food,” Chef Sneha said, and she certainly gets plenty of compliments! Here are a few 🙂

Chef Sneha had some short and sweet advice for new Buddies. She said, “Giving quality food is always important along with quantity!”

When quizzed about her future Chef Sneha, she said, “I would love to introduce more recipes from different cuisines and hope would continue to get all the appreciation and support from my Foodies.”

We are sure you will, ma’am 🙂

Finally, in closing, Chef Sneha said, “I would like to thank the FoodyBuddy team for making this platform a success and also selecting me as a Chef of the Week!

“Also, I would like to thank my husband for the support he rendered, without him I wouldn’t have been in this platform, my kids who help me with the deliveries and understanding my work, my sister who’s my biggest confidence booster, my family friends and cousins who all know my love for cooking and have been wishing me for my progress!”

That’s lovely to hear, Chef Sneha, and we would like to wish you all the very best going forward!

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