Chef of the Week, 21st June 2019 – Panchami G. Varma

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

We have the amazing and highly popular Chef Panchami G Varma as our Chef of the Week, with the beloved Buddy having recently crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone!

Chef Panchami described her start on FoodyBuddy saying, “As I am very passionate about cooking, I immediately joined!”

Chef Panchami G Varma

When asked about her inspiration to keep selling on FoodyBuddy, Chef Panchami explained, “As I mentioned, I am very passionate about cooking. I do make different dishes every day at home, even before joining FoodyBuddy. I owe my cooking knowledge to my mother who was also a good cook and I learned most of my learning from her. I had made several changes in the recipe and made different experiments successfully.”

Chef Panchami is an expert at both North Indian and South Indian dishes and she described explained her versatility saying, “I am a vegetarian cook and mainly south Indian dishes. As I stayed in Delhi also for some time, I have learned some North Indian dishes as well. I can cook any vegetarian dish, really. Even in Foodybuddy also some of my customers have requested for some dishes which I never tried and not even in my menu. I was successfully able to prepare those to their satisfaction.”

She also about her most popular dishes, “All my dishes liked by my Foodies and I get many requests. To name some of them, they are Mini Lunch, Idli Vada Sambar, Aviyal, and Chole Bature.”

Chef Panchami also said about interactions with her Buddies, “Whenever I meet my foodies, they have a lot of appreciation for me. I also noticed, that their respect for me has increased since I started the business.”

That’s lovely to hear, ma’am 🙂

Chef Panchami’s vast experience also means she has some pearls of wisdom for new Buddies. She said, “Understand your Foodies and the dishes should be tailored to their liking. As a Buddy, we may know many dishes, but if we are not able to provide what they need, it is no use. I am saying this in personal experience in interacting with some other Buddies.”

Finally, Chef Panchami said in closing, “I wanted to add more dishes to my menu and a la carte menu. This will help the foodies to pick choose the item they wanted than buy what I propose.”

“Now I am hitting the limit that you have imposed on the number of items,” she concluded with a smile!

Thank you for your amazing contributions to the FoodyBuddy community ma’am, and we would like to wish you all the very best going forward 🙂

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