Chef of the Week – Barkha Mishra

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

Today we are back with a Chef who has sold not just over 1000 meals but is soon to cross a milestone of 5000 meals sold on FoodyBuddy- Chef Barkha Mishra. Congratulations Chef!

How her journey started

Since early on in her life, Chef Barkha along with my mother used to experiment with a lot of new dishes and would make their family members enjoy the taste of different specialties. After her kid was born, being at home and not going to work was getting monotonous and Barkha quite often used to question her talent that was getting rusted on as she didn’t pursue them. This was when one of her friends introduced her to FoodyBuddy, and after discussing with her family, Chef Barkha decided to give it a try. As cooking food was her passion, it became easy for her to start publishing new dishes which received huge appreciation among her customers.

Barkha Mishra - Sraddha Fairmont

While ensuring that she listens to customer feedback, her journey with FoodyBuddy has been of continuous growth. Her customers keep her inspired and motivated all the time! She loves posting every day because she knows that with her passion and goodwill she is touching many lives and bringing so much happiness. 😀

She says – “More importantly when I know someone coming back tired and exhausted from office/school gets to have good homemade meals that make their day, I feel further motivated to bring up new types of food catering to the needs of my customers.”

Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

Her specialties include Litti Chokha, Mawa Gujiya, Methi Mathri, Whole wheat jaggery Thekua, and Flaxseed Ladoos, while some of her most popular items on FoodyBuddy are Homemade paneer, Peas paneer kachori, Paneer Malpua with Rabri, Dry fruit Chikki.

Her tip to fellow Buddies!

“Understand the daily needs of customers and take feedback on quality and delivery.”

Chef Barkha hopes that in the future Home chefs start selling food to other untapped markets and keep spreading happiness through delicious homemade food.

To wrap up, she said that – “FoodyBuddy is a very good platform and an innovation which has brought times when any foody would get good quality tasty homemade food as per their taste. Foody buddy has given new wings to people who have a passion to cook different varieties but really don’t have to do it on a large scale to spread the happiness of having good food. Here I will want to especially thank Rachna, Akhil, and Anup who have really thought through and brought this beautiful platform bringing together two worlds of Foodies and their Buddies together. Rachana’s & Akil’s guidance and insights on how to handle difficult situation has been instrumental in my journey with Foody buddy. Thank you!”

Thank you for the kind words, Chef Barkha. We wish you a great future, keep rising and shining. 🙂

If you would like to be a Home Chef on FoodyBuddy, please register by clicking here!

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