Chef of the Week – Ashwini Kamat

Hello everyone,

In this Chef of the Week column, we are back with a Chef who specializes in Goan cuisine – Chef Ashwini Kamat. She has sold more than 2000 meals on Foodybuddy. Congratulations Chef!

How her journey started

Chef Ashwini mentions that she has always loved cooking and she used to get a lot of appreciation for the food she made. She wanted to reach out to more people with her Goan delicacies and FoodyBuddy provided the right platform for it.

“My first attempt was when I was in Grade 3. I still remember that time and the praise I received then was my first inspiration to cook. Now, with some time at hand, craving for good Goan food and compliments from people about my cooking is my motivation to keep going and be better every day.”

Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

Chef Ashwini’s specialty lies in Seafood and she loves cooking Goan cuisine and (sometimes) gives it a twist of her own. Her favorite dish is Rava fried prawn

Some of her most popular dishes on FoodyBuddy are Puran Poli, Veg soups and all types of seafood as seen in the picture below – Rava fried kingfish marinated with Goan masala, Crispy Rava fried squids, Prawns Recheado, Butter Garlic Prawns with celery and sprinkled Basil leaves and Clam Sukkha with Coconut.

The Chef always gets very good feedback from vegetarian mothers who want to give homemade, healthy (with very less oil) and fresh seafood to their kids. Homemade food always sets itself apart from restaurant food because it is healthy, hygienic and tasty. 🙂

“I always buy fresh seafood and vegetables from the market and I don’t refrigerate it for more than one day. I never compromise on quality and believe in healthy eating,” mentions Chef Ashwini

Her tip to fellow Buddies!

“Keep cooking and be better every day.”

We wish you a great future Chef Ashwini, keep spreading the love. 🙂

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