Chef of the Week – Ashwini Kamat

Hello everyone,

In this Chef of the Week column, we are back with a Chef who specializes in Goan cuisine – Chef Ashwini Kamat. She has sold more than 2000 meals on Foodybuddy. Congratulations Chef!

How her journey started

Chef Ashwini mentions that she has always loved cooking and she used to get a lot of appreciation for the food she made. She wanted to reach out to more people with her Goan delicacies and FoodyBuddy provided the right platform for it.

“My first attempt was when I was in Grade 3. I still remember that time and the praise I received then was my first inspiration to cook. Now, with some time at hand, craving for good Goan food and compliments from people about my cooking is my motivation to keep going and be better every day.”

Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

Chef Ashwini’s specialty lies in Seafood and she loves cooking Goan cuisine and (sometimes) gives it a twist of her own. Her favorite dish is Rava fried prawn

Some of her most popular dishes on FoodyBuddy are Puran Poli, Veg soups and all types of seafood as seen in the picture below – Rava fried kingfish marinated with Goan masala, Crispy Rava fried squids, Prawns Recheado, Butter Garlic Prawns with celery and sprinkled Basil leaves and Clam Sukkha with Coconut.

The Chef always gets very good feedback from vegetarian mothers who want to give homemade, healthy (with very less oil) and fresh seafood to their kids. Homemade food always sets itself apart from restaurant food because it is healthy, hygienic and tasty. 🙂

“I always buy fresh seafood and vegetables from the market and I don’t refrigerate it for more than one day. I never compromise on quality and believe in healthy eating,” mentions Chef Ashwini

Her tip to fellow Buddies!

“Keep cooking and be better every day.”

We wish you a great future Chef Ashwini, keep spreading the love. 🙂

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Chef of the Week – Mamta Kumar

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

In this Chef of the Week column, we are back with an enthusiastic Chef who has been part of the FoodyBuddy family for one and a half years – Chef  Kumar. She has sold more than 2000 meals on Foodybuddy. Congratulations Chef!

How her journey started

Her association with FoodyBuddy started way back in October 2018 when she was searching for a medium to reach out to her neighbors for depicting her cuisine and taking made-to-orders requests since they insisted to pay for her food. Then she got to know about FoodyBuddy via google search, that too ahead of time, when it was not even available on the premise. She invited the salesperson and took a plunge not only to explore and create awareness about FoodyBuddy but also to participate every day to keep the excitement and footfall satisfactorily without compromising on the quality and aroma of her delicious cuisine that she served.

“I love cooking and sharing my dishes to provide optimal satisfaction to my guests. In my opinion, FoodyBuddy is the best app for Home chef that is why I love selling through this app. Apart from compensation I also got recognition as an expert for some of my signature dishes which is hilarious and quite exciting as additional accolades to my profile.” says Chef Mamta

Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

Chef Mamta believes that “Food had no religion”. She prefers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and luckily she is good at both. She is glad to share some of her specialties in both e.g: Chicken Ghee roast, Egg Masala,  Mutton Lal Maans, Chole Bhature, Litte Chokha dipped in Ghee, Paneer Butter Masala with ghee roti and many more. Paneer Butter Masala with ghee roti, Paratha with Bhindi Fry, Litte Chokha dipped in ghee, Fruit Custard are most very popular among them.

Some of the Foodies get very emotional while having her food, and that boosts her morale and helps her deliver additional responsibilities to her extended family members, especially to youngsters, elderlies and senior citizens.

Her tip to fellow Buddies!

“Be Honest and careful while preparing the food. Always think as if you are preparing for your own family. Rather than chasing the number of orders one should concentrate on genuine accolades like food expertise etc. so that you can also share your secrete sauce with others to keep this precious culture alive.”

After such a successful journey Chef Mamta would also like to have her own brand of ready to eat food. She would like to reach out to Corporates wherein they can also experience homemade food even when they are far from home.

Chef Mamta hopes that this 2020 will bring all of us more happiness and excitement, and also make Foodybuddy more intuitive and popular.

Thank you for the kind words, Chef Mamta. We wish you a great future, keep rising and shining. 🙂

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Chef of the Week – Barkha Mishra

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

Today we are back with a Chef who has sold not just over 1000 meals but is soon to cross a milestone of 5000 meals sold on FoodyBuddy- Chef Barkha Mishra. Congratulations Chef!

How her journey started

Since early on in her life, Chef Barkha along with my mother used to experiment with a lot of new dishes and would make their family members enjoy the taste of different specialties. After her kid was born, being at home and not going to work was getting monotonous and Barkha quite often used to question her talent that was getting rusted on as she didn’t pursue them. This was when one of her friends introduced her to FoodyBuddy, and after discussing with her family, Chef Barkha decided to give it a try. As cooking food was her passion, it became easy for her to start publishing new dishes which received huge appreciation among her customers.

Barkha Mishra - Sraddha Fairmont

While ensuring that she listens to customer feedback, her journey with FoodyBuddy has been of continuous growth. Her customers keep her inspired and motivated all the time! She loves posting every day because she knows that with her passion and goodwill she is touching many lives and bringing so much happiness. 😀

She says – “More importantly when I know someone coming back tired and exhausted from office/school gets to have good homemade meals that make their day, I feel further motivated to bring up new types of food catering to the needs of my customers.”

Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

Her specialties include Litti Chokha, Mawa Gujiya, Methi Mathri, Whole wheat jaggery Thekua, and Flaxseed Ladoos, while some of her most popular items on FoodyBuddy are Homemade paneer, Peas paneer kachori, Paneer Malpua with Rabri, Dry fruit Chikki.

Her tip to fellow Buddies!

“Understand the daily needs of customers and take feedback on quality and delivery.”

Chef Barkha hopes that in the future Home chefs start selling food to other untapped markets and keep spreading happiness through delicious homemade food.

To wrap up, she said that – “FoodyBuddy is a very good platform and an innovation which has brought times when any foody would get good quality tasty homemade food as per their taste. Foody buddy has given new wings to people who have a passion to cook different varieties but really don’t have to do it on a large scale to spread the happiness of having good food. Here I will want to especially thank Rachna, Akhil, and Anup who have really thought through and brought this beautiful platform bringing together two worlds of Foodies and their Buddies together. Rachana’s & Akil’s guidance and insights on how to handle difficult situation has been instrumental in my journey with Foody buddy. Thank you!”

Thank you for the kind words, Chef Barkha. We wish you a great future, keep rising and shining. 🙂

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Chef of the Week, 13th January 2020 – Chef Kirti

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

We are back with a new Chef of the week – Chef Kirti Sood from Bangalore! She is a housewife & a mother of three kids, and she really loves cooking for her family.

She has sold more than 1000 meals on FoodyBuddy. Congratulations Chef!

How her journey started

Chef Kirti wanted to do something from home where she could take care of ger kids and still do something. FoodyBuddy gave her that platform! She got a reference for this app from Akila Aunty Ji and being passionate about cooking, she and her husband started cooking and selling on FoodyBuddy. While she mostly cooks vegetarian, her husband cooks non-vegetarian dishes.

She mentions – “The appreciation which I get from my foodies really inspires me to cook more and experiment with new dishes.”

Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

Chef Kirti loves to cook delicacies ranging from Punjabi and Chinese cuisine to Italian cuisine as these are among her favorites. Her most popular dishes are Paneer cutlet, Mix-veg cutlet, Chicken cutlet, Sabudana vada, Moong dal vada, all types of parathas, different types of Kofta curries, Paneer makhani, pasta, veg noodles, Sarson ka saag with Makki di roti and many more.

Her tip to fellow Buddies!

“ I don’t compromise on quality and quantity. Same I will tell to new buddies.

To wrap up, she says that in the future she will keep cooking for her lovely Foodies and will also try providing new dishes.  She also expressed her gratitude to Foodybuddy for giving her a great platform to showcase her passion for cooking

We wish you a great future Chef Kirti! Keep rocking 🙂

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Dish of the Week – Mee Goreng by Chef Meena

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

In this column of Dish of the Week, we are back with a spicy Malaysian noodle dish – Mee Goreng by Chef Meena. Originating from Indonesia, the dish is most commonly had in Malaysia and Singapore.


She Meena tells “My aunt runs a restaurant in Malaysia, and I learnt this dish from her when I visited there for the first time. I used to prepare it there in her restaurant. We could find the dish in every street of Malaysia, even if we go to remote villages over there.”

She gets the main ingredients of the dish – noddle and soy sauce from Malaysia, hence she is able to maintain the authentic taste. Another thing to be noted is that the noodles should be cooked with care. If it is overcooked then the taste will not be nice.

Chef Meena’s customers are really happy with the dish and her customer’s testimonials always mention that it tastes original just as they had in Singapore/Malaysia. She is very happy with the reviews. 🙂



  • Noodles – 1 pack
  • Dry red chilli and garlic (soak in hot water and grind it to make a fine paste)
  • Crushed garlic pods – 3 
  • Onion – 1
  • Sliced cabbage –  1 cup
  • Capsicum and carrot slices – 1 cup
  • Sprouted green moong dal – 3 tsp
  • Tomato ketchup – 1 tsp
  • Soya sauce (thicker one) – 1 tsp
  • Mustard leaves or spinach
  • Soya paneer(tofu)
  • Salt to taste

Note: If you are a non-vegetarian you can add egg omelette slices or fish fries or chicken pieces along with the veggies.


  • Cook the noodles in boiling water for 2 mins and strain the excess water.
  • Add 2 tsp of chilli and garlic paste, salt and mix in the noodles thoroughly.
  • Heat the pan and add 3 TSP of oil. Saute onions and veggies in the oil for 2 mins with a pinch of salt and add tomato ketchup and soy sauce.
  • Saute it for a minute and add the marinated noodles now.
  • Fry the noodles along with the veggies for 3 mins
  • Deep fry the tofu in oil and add to the noodles and also add chopped Mustard leaves and switch off the flame.
  • Top it with sliced green chillies.

Dish is ready to serve.  🙂

Chef Meena is looking forward to making many mouth-watering Asian delicacies famous on FoodyBuddy, such as Kway Teow, Nasi Li Ma and Nasi veg Goreng. She also expressed his gratitude to the FoodyBuddy team for keeping her busy all the time and for customer testimonials that always fill her up with energy.


We are glad to have great Chefs like you onboard and we wish you good luck on your journey ahead. Keep shining!

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