Chef of the Week, 8th November 2019 – Ishleen Kaur

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

This edition of Chef of the Week feature talks about Chef Ishleen Kaur who recently crossed the 1000 meals sold mark and is one of the top Chefs from Gachibowli region of Hyderabad. Our hearty congratulations to you, Ma’am!

20170813_232337.jpgHow it all started?

Ishleen started off her journey with FoodyBuddy as soon as she got to know about the platform through her network of friends who had previously come across this platform.

She found a place to pursue her passion and also be recognized for what she loved doing. She says – “It’s my pleasure to serve food to people through FoodBuddy. I’m really happy how people are enjoying and appreciating my food, especially because cooking is my passion.

Her Specialities…

The home chef loves to cook Makki ki Roti Sarson ka saag, Dal makhani, Malai kofta, Missi Paratha, and Veg Dum biryani. Some of these are also her most popular dishes too.

She says that most of the people encouraged ger passion after tasting her food. This has also given her fame as people around the country are recognizing her. Foodies around her love the food she makes and want to know every day what she is preparing.

“I am very glad that I am fulfilling my passion through this platform. Once again, thanks Akhil” says Ishleen.

Her tip to you all is to – “Keep going and take it easy”

Thank you so much for such kind words, ma’am, and we wish you all the very best of luck going forward! Congrats, once again 🙂

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Chef of the Week, 25th October 2019 – Manisha Gupta

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s time for our Chef of the Week column and this time we are featuring Chef Manisha Gupta who recently crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone.

Chef Manisha Gupta

We asked Chef Manisha how she got started on FoodyBuddy and she said, “I always like to do something to keep myself busy. And my passion lies in the cooking. During my pregnancy, the doctor recommended bed rest for 9 months. This was back in 2016-2017 and I was thinking that if someone can provide me with hot and delicious food and I missed homemade food a lot.

“At that time, I came across FoodyBuddy and I ordered a lot from nearby apartments. I decided that I also wanted to pursue cooking in my kitchen with FoodyBuddy so, after my daughter’s first birthday, I decided to get onboard with FoodyBuddy and started my passion. My main motive to provide good food to those who in need especially very happy to serve ladies during their pregnancy days to satisfy their food cravings.”

That’s such an awesome motivation, ma’am, and we would like to thank you for your dedication 🙂

Chef Manisha told us about what keeps her motivated to continue selling on FoodyBuddy.  She said, “FoodyBuddy is a great platform to help home chefs show their culinary skills. The appreciation which I am receiving from my customers of all ages -especially kids & ladies and age-old uncles and aunties – keeps me going and motivated. I remember when a kid in the apartment says to me ‘Auntiji aapke Paneer Parathe mujhe bahut pasand hain’!”

Chef Manisha also told us about notable interactions with her Foodies. “There are a lot of Foodies who love my dishes and order all the dishes whatever I put in my menu. One particular interaction with one Foodie who had given me an order for her kid’s birthday party. She told me that all the children liked the Bread Roll and Kalakand so much that nothing is left for her! Such great interactions motivate me more to cook and deliver tasty and delicious foods,” said Chef Manisha with a big smile.

When asked about her favourite and most popular dishes, Chef Manisha replied, “Since I belong to the central part of India, I am trying almost all varieties of vegetarian North Indian dishes. Among my favourite dishes, I love to cook different varieties of Parathas. My customers really like Paneer Paratha, Sabudana Vada, Sabudana Khichdi, and Poha but my best-selling dish on FoodyBuddy is Dal-Chawal Combo and that’s because of the Dal I prepared which even my husband loves a lot!”

Being such an experienced member of FoodyBuddy, we asked Chef Manisha if she had any special advice for new Buddies and she said, “Just bring out your passion while cooking. Dil se banayi huyee har dish sabhi ko pasand aayegi (The dishes you cook with your heart and love, will taste good and will be loved by all).” That’s really great advice, ma’am!

When quizzed on what the future holds for her, Chef Manisha said, “Just enjoying the journey with FoodyBuddy currently. I am looking forward to having an enlightening journey with Foodybuddy and in the future, long long time ahead, I might think to open a commercial food point.”

And finally, Chef Manisha shared some closing thoughts with us. She said, “Just one incident which has changed my life with FoodyBuddy is the Buddy Advisory Committee (BAC) Meeting which was organised by Foodybuddy earlier this year. In this event, interacting with other Buddies really change my thought process and my beliefs. I am very thankful to FoodyBuddy for inviting me to such a great event and providing me with opportunities to interact with other Buddies on this platform. Foodybuddy is a great platform and I am enjoying it truly. Hats off to the FoodyBuddy team!”

Thank you so much for such amazing words, ma’am, we do it all for our amazing family of Buddies! We would like to wish you all the very best going forward 🙂

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Chef of the Week, 18th October 2019 – Rakhi Khandelwal

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Our Chef of the Week for this week is Chef Rakhi Khandelwal who is one of the quickest chefs to reach the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone!

So, how did Chef Rakhi get started on her FoodyBuddy journey?

She replied, “It’s a very interesting story. I like eating and preparing good food and I started thinking seriously about taking up the profession of being a culinary artist. I explored a few options but nothing really worked. And in just 2 days since I conceived this idea I got to know about FoodyBuddy through a WhatsApp message. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands.”

We are certainly glad that the timing matched so perfectly on both sides 🙂

Having sold 1000 meals in such a short amount of time, motivation is something that comes naturally to Chef Rakhi.

She explained, “Cooking is like an art, a passion. And there is a saying – “When you look at the painting, you can hear a thousand claps.’ The same way a when a Foody eats your food and likes it you’re definitely going to hear a thousand claps. 1,000 meals is like a million claps for me.”

So, what exactly are Chef Rakhi’s speciality dishes?

“Chaat items which make me go nostalgic. Papdi Chat, Dahi Vada, Kachori, Dabeli, and Samosa are some dishes I really like,” she answers with a smile.

Chef Rakhi’s most-ordered dish is actually quite interesting.

She told us, “I was a little hesitant to put an authentic Rajasthani dish like Dal-Bati Churma. However, the Foodies responses was just amazing and Dal-Bati is now my most sought-after dish.”

Having made such a big impact in just a few months does Chef Rakhi have any stories about memorable interactions with her Foodies for us?

She answered, “Last three months have been very fruitful and enriching. I have made lots of good friends! However, when I met one Foody who was almost my mother’s age, she insisted that I should teach her how to prepare soft Phulkas because she loved my Phulkas. That really overwhelmed me. These kinds of conversations encouraged me to do better.”

Does Chef Rakhi have any tips for other new Buddies getting started on our platform?

“It does not need experience, it just needs passion to be a Buddy.” Short and sweet 🙂

Finally, what does the future hold for Chef Rakhi Khandelwal?

She said, “I have enjoyed my journey thus far and played to my strength with Chaat items, North Indian and Rajasthani food. But now with the love and affection I have received from Foodies, I want to add new dishes to my menu and explore new cuisines.”

Best of luck to you, ma’am and you have all our thanks for being such an important part of the FoodyBuddy family 🙂

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Chef of the Week, 13th September 2019 – Rosemary Dean

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Our Chef of the Week column features Chef Rosemary Dean and she is one of FoodyBuddy’s most popular Buddies having crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone!

We asked Chef Rosemary how she got started with FoodyBuddy and she replied, “The Magical Malhar is where my FoodyBuddy journey started. For the longest time, only bulk cooking happened for my son’s parties and festivals but I must say the love to feed was and is always a part of our family, we can never make small quantities.”

“Every single person in my family and my extended family love to feed and eat so cooking was a natural extension of that. My kitchen is not just me, but also my mom Maggie who is the best at everything and my husband Dean who loves biriyani is an expert at it. There are dishes named after them that they are specialists in,” concluded with a smile.

We asked Chef Rosemary what are those specialist dishes of her kitchen and she said, “As mentioned before my kitchen has 3 chefs. My mom, Maggie, is an expert in Kerala food while my husband, Dean, is our Biryani specialist. As for me, I love making continental food!”


Chef Rosemary’s kitchen has sold well over 1000 Meals on FoodyBuddy and when quizzed on what keeps her motivated to keep selling she said, “That is easy, the appreciation, expression and satisfaction of seeing someone eat something that you have cooked and enjoy it is the reason I can rarely say no to cooking!” What a lovely sentiment, ma’am 🙂

It’s certainly a sentiment that her Foodies appreciate and Chef Rosemary shared some memorable interactions she has had on FoodyBuddy.

“Special interactions are many in Malhar. From kids polishing off cakes to a couple who order for custard every time I make it and parents telling me that their kid had a non-veg dish for the first time and loved it!

But the one that was special was a family of 15 with family members from diffident parts of the world with different taste preferences who had us cooking for them all through the Christmas holidays. Them saying not only that they loved every dish served but that they got to spend more time with each other than in the kitchen!”

Chef Rosemary also told us about her most popular dishes. She said, “Apart from the regular combos our pork and beef dishes are the best sellers!”

Chef Rosemary is a beloved Buddy and she had some advice for new Chefs on FoodyBuddy. “Being a Buddy needs three must-have qualities. A Love for Food, People, and Cooking. Only a combination of all these three makes this a passion that makes all the hard work worth it,” she adviced.

Finally, we enquired after Chef Rosemary’s future plans and she replied, “Two years back I didn’t have a clue I would do this so let see what delightful journey lies ahead!”

Thank you so much, Chefs Rosemary, Maggie, and Dean for bringing your Malhar Magic to FoodyBuddy and we wish you all the very best going forward 🙂

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Chef of the Week, 2nd August 2019 – Cyndia Ann

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Welcome back to our Chef of the Week series and on this edition, we have Chef Cyndia Ann – FoodyBuddy’s Ice Cream Maker Extraordinaire – taking her place in the spotlight after having sold over 1000 Meals on the platform 🙂

Chef Cyndia gave us a beautiful writeup about herself and her love for food and we have it in its entirety here:

“Hey everyone, I’m Cyndia and I’m a sweetaholic.

I have this crazy love for sweets, be it a Tiramisu, or a Rasmalai, or a fabulous cheesecake and oh my god, just plain finger-licking chocolate sauce. Damn, I’m drooling here, just talking about it.

This love for sweets made me raid every container in the kitchen and the fridge and whip up one yummy thing or the other. From working as an insurance specialist to quitting and getting married, and then taking my Queen of the household position wasn’t particularly hard.

My mom is an amazing baker and I knew my baking basics from her. I ventured into the world of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and then moved onto cheesecakes, entremets, little miniature french desserts etc. Mind you, all this was in my kitchen and family and only for friends who would ask specifically for the things that they love. I had no particular interest in taking baking as a major business. I also completed my MBA on the side and I really was looking for an opportunity to start up something. And I wanted to get into one product, a single product and a widely acceptable one, which is a daily or at least weekly ritual for many. That’s how I zeroed in on ice creams.

Currently, I focus on Ice creams only and make one of the best possible ones out there. I took my time to learn the science and the intricacies of ice creams, on how to manage the texture of something that is a very complex, intricate and delicate substance. Every single ingredient that goes into an ice cream has a function and balancing it out to get to the right texture was a huge learning experience and am still learning it with every new flavour I introduce. Ice creams became an obsession and a chemistry class for me. Learning about emulsions and colloidal dispersions became a wonderful thing, like a little scientist in the kitchen. All because it is so worth it and so delicious.

I started off with a Facebook page called Omm Nom Nomm, pronounced um nom nom, the sound that someone makes when you eat something really yum. Or if you’re a fan of Cookie monster, it’s the sound that he makes when eating his cookie. I specialize in Super Premium and Premium French Style Ice creams. French-style specifically means the usage of eggs in the ice cream, and it makes it richer, creamier and smoother. That being said, some of the fruit flavours that I make are without egg, as it brings out the flavour of the fruit much better.

Foodybuddy was active in the community that I lived in previously, and I’ve watched a lot of people actively enjoying the app, buying and selling. At that point, I was still learning how to make proper ice creams and didn’t make a move until way later. Then I moved into an independent house and completely forgot about FoodyBuddy since I didn’t have a specific community to purchase from. Continued with Omm Nom Nomm sales through Facebook and word of mouth from several patrons. One of them, about 3-4 months ago, mentioned that FoodyBuddy has the option of selling in several communities as long as you’re willing to deliver it. This was a new revelation for me, as previously as per my understanding, it was only for the specific community that I was living in.

I reached out to the Foodybuddy team and they were more than helpful. They introduced me to the private kitchen option and guided me with all the apartments that were in the vicinity and some of which I already had customers from. FoodyBuddy gave me much wider visibility amongst ice cream lovers. As you talk to more and more customers, you get to understand what they like, what is important for them, and how can you evolve accordingly. That is the basis of how I grow. So every customer that I meet is important, every person has a say, and I work accordingly as best as I can.

Every single word of appreciation means a lot as it brings out the best in me. The need to evolve and be better and better comes from it. A lot of my customers start buying ice creams for their children and then they taste it and fall in love with it. As adults, a lot of us are not used to having ice creams much and I’m trying to slowly reintroduce that favourite childhood moment in them, one person at a time.

Younger people generally tend to opt for the chocolate flavours, like the Belgian Chocolate or Choco Fudge Brownie, and as you get slightly older, I’ve noticed that they pick fruitier flavours like Tropical Mango, Sweet Strawberry, Midsummer Mulberry, Mint Chocolate Flake etc. People who prefer a tangy flavour pick the Luscious Lemon and if you are a coffee fan, then definitely Mocha. Salted Caramel is a big seller and so is Pink Guava. Everyone finds their own favourites and that’s amazing. I especially love it, when customers come back and tell me, that they can’t have store-bought ice creams anymore, and they don’t want to settle for anything less.

All of the ice creams that I currently make are 100% natural, no artificial emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives. All of the fruit ice creams use only real fruit and no added essences or extracts either. However, I’ve had requests from a lot of people to introduce ice creams which incorporate other favourite treats like Ferrero Rocher, Oreos, Kit Kats etc, so those are also on the cards soon enough. As I grow and fine-tune my recipes and flavours, my hope is that I would be able to serve these amazing, yummy treats to a much wider audience.

FoodyBuddy as an avenue has helped me a lot in terms of widening my horizons and it is great for anyone who is making amazing food and wants to serve that in their neighbourhood. If you have the passion and the drive to follow through, anything is possible. People love good food and you just have to make the best that you can and serve. Making sure that your logistics are in place for delivery, making sure it reaches on time, and without any hitches en route, adds to the wonderful experience of lovely home-cooked food. Kudos to the team for setting this up and making it a wonderful platform.

Thanks & with lots of ice creams ready to be served,

Having personally tasted Chef Cyndia’s ice creams, I can safely say that they are amongst the very best I have ever had and here are some amazing pictures of her decadent treats:

Thank you, ma’am, for such amazing insight and give us all the intricate details about what it means to be the master of one’s craft 🙂

We wish you all the very best going forward and can’t wait to taste more of your superb ice creams!

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